May 23, 2014

Web Design - How do I prepare files for a web developer?

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Sekai a chief Education 1:03 Officer 1:04 about the school join me as always freelance creative director 1:07 directly from Venezuela out early I don't game on always great to be here 1:11 and today we're going to answer this question which is really important how 1:13 to prepare files for web developer a lot of you have asked a question 1:16 I'm last week we talked about responsive design this week we're continuing 1:20 and that network a and the website that we actually 1:23 work on last year this year actually doing it and 1:27 n/a you know the show for those of you guys are always in a hurry in when he 1:30 gets the tutorial 1:31 like I'm gonna do it really fast but this shows at another tutorial show 1:34 we're like 1:34 The Daily Show for web designers we help you celebrate your web design career by 1:37 Sharon you 1:38 with you create a business technology marketing secrets from my guess experts 1:42 if you're a student the show's great for you if you're a freelancer 1:46 this shows great for you ever non trip runner and you trying to build 1:49 businesses shows great for you and if your career switcher 1:52 going from one career to another this shows great for you exxon I just bought 1:56 my water 1:57 really nice if you're looking for tutorials here some people that you can 2:01 actually get some awesome tutorials on the same topic from 2:03 whether it's an end or whether it's team treehouse or how interactive dot com 2:08 but a really great resources for you check them 2:11 out today we're gonna jump right in to doing what we're doing and we're going 2:14 to talk about getting files ready 2:16 and we have to town and who said designer was also 2:19 part of our team here the network and she has this question since you're 2:22 beginning to learn web design which is awesome 2:25 to have a live audience we should have done a lot in the next year 2:28 applies the had like that's how you clap for Mac sad now go and see if you can 2:32 hear about them 2:33 there yeah one person in the audience proven I'm serious about next year 2:37 having multiple people know should do it be awesome talked about we talk about 2:40 now we're going to do it reformatting the show 2:42 sorry how are you good good good to be here we haven't seen each other in many 2:45 weeks 2:45 yes even then when the same shirt I where they actually reviewed 2:49 mom people catch that when they say you're insecure dude 2:52 only because fans tension K alright so let's talk about the roof 2:56 files in you know the big question is how do I do it so that the developer 3:01 it gets a clean file in the episode we did with Josh you talked about the 3:05 mistakes and designers make 3:07 wear them be in the living in InDesign so that's a really big thing done to 3:10 learn InDesign 3:11 so Photoshop is what we're gonna Adobe Photoshop is what we're delivering in 3:14 today what are the best practices that you feel are important re: 3:18 having Photoshop is very important I mean I think it's the to a preference 3:22 for what it is 3:23 a developers I'm its kinda industry standard 3:27 come like we mentioned in the last show you know some of them will 3:31 are a little bit more tolerant with it was her fault with summer nights among 3:34 or not so 3:36 you know I mean if you're a designer thats cannot be doing this for a living 3:39 you might want to scan a 3:41 you know just am just getting and most people are most people are going to be 3:44 what church are going to be cool with 3:46 happen to be in photoshop but you know my experience has been that one of the 3:49 things that developer you know do unto others as you want 3:52 you know them to run into you like the golden rule don't don't deliver really 3:57 mistake mess-up file don't deliver like an InDesign probably going to have to 4:00 redo and photos are a messy Photoshop Adobe Photoshop how they just want to 4:03 get ready to start 4:04 that's their entrances what where the graphics but let's talk about things 4:08 like sizes for basic 4:09 for a basic web page what what size should my photoshop I'll be 4:14 I the dimensions usually range anywhere between me know 980 4:18 wide by however many tall and that's based on that 12 column grid that we've 4:23 talked about a lot 4:24 can we show that do you have it in another file you know I'm out that a 4:27 little bit I think actually 4:29 to have had some reaction is that in their father working on because I 4:32 haven't 4:33 actually I'm about as my to be laid funn yeah I can get worse as it were 4:37 you can without it so explain that here's one for Inc I am i read online 4:40 america 4:41 to explain that to that you know why it does that great need to be in there 4:44 I its it I think it's you know consistency in layout 4:49 between the pages i think is really important making sure things don't shift 4:52 from you know and just a 4:56 in general for replacement of things you know just a 4:59 make sure that you know I could be my to line something 5:03 against you know like the left if you're great on one page if you go to the other 5:06 were talking talk into the mic else I don't know is out 5:09 and a but yeah i mean i think im just for consistency between pages that's 5:14 good and also for placement you know so once you're used to working with the 5:17 script 5:18 you'll know that it can a.m. they can subdivide 5:21 a number of different ways you can have things that spend the full with the page 5:24 like these heroes 5:25 I mean you can have things that are kinda late so that's a really good thing 5:28 to talk about their because my something that I really hate 5:31 he paid is when designers deliver the page right at 980 5:35 and they don't show when it was ayatollah when yeah him 5:40 wider you are what yes yes and no 5:43 but what you wanna show is the instances how does it look in an instance so 5:47 people think about that said age you know it's 980 why that's what it should 5:51 be 5:52 yet so the reality is your browser will open especially now in retina displays 5:56 you know web sites are going to get on smaller and smaller and it's a 5:59 it's a basic understanding of the difference between you know 6:02 bit depth and and resolution you read this is a huge issue 6:07 because people don't understand this issue a bit better bit density 6:10 so you could hack I'm not gonna explain that so if you do 6:14 you have a second when are you Google the difference between 6:19 what's resolution is like of my found to be 72 DPI 6:23 so that seventy two dots per inch which were using my god 6:27 at an old school can have doctor Sarah pixels but appoint 6:31 in now measurement like u9 type one point 6:34 sex equipment 1 pixel direction the same exact science 6:37 Committee has a meeting point type is that 8 pixel type 6:40 and then you mention something really important which is States 6:44 I'm I think people Grilli get caught up in designing 6:47 the one-page but they're not thinking about you know what happens if 6:51 you open rollovers are a few open it up you know so in the case of this file 6:55 that I have here 6:56 I what happens what's worse the content like for 7:00 you know the stop area when it starts to rotate right 7:04 so what how big is the image how wide is an enemy up in the background and you 7:07 can't we had to developers like this guess what that image is going to be 7:10 have to give it to them to look at the design and and and and if you guys may 7:13 have my screen just have you bring up my screen 7:15 I have the Hulu side up so here's a really great example of states 7:19 when I narrow my browser down 7:22 and action at the user profiles for this week and network 7:25 that we did last actually did a while ago so these are the users for this week 7:29 in network 7:30 actually I hated it out there let me go back to this 7:33 I am you notice how the state actually doing tonight when he gets wider way 7:37 that you look a lot 7:38 when it gets little and it's on the phone is pretty badass this actually 7:42 scales and even the 7:43 yeah it was on a content thats gay like that how this is kinda fluid 7:47 I wouldn't say it's not responsive because it isn't scaling down tomorrow 7:50 and it doesn't need to 7:51 and if you guys watch last weeks episode and responsive design we talked about 7:55 the difference between responsive to sign 7:57 and I and mobile and like what but 8:00 I how's it different well sorry what are the things that we have time 8:04 I think that making sure that your files 8:07 pretty organized is key let's talk about the less work on that 8:11 something that I always do and you know you can pull this example and I also 8:14 started doing this weekend is just to the right things by 8:17 components you know so you have that top better area is all in one layer set 8:22 time had an on-and-off so Hatter a you know there's the footer 8:26 all in one thing now on one layer Cena also layers that you know how to use 8:31 their sets a tener right 8:32 okay so header footer in LA are set yea 8:35 yeah I think that's a mean you know it's always it's the best thing to do right 8:38 otherwise 8:40 you know you risk upsetting whoever you're working with the you know you 8:43 don't get a bad impression I view this person's really messy when I 8:46 you know anything that can happen is over you know so we had this can 8:51 interesting now but in a separate 8:52 so interactive States interactive States was just everything 8:56 traded think I've this thing not a static page 8:59 but as a flow and then all the things that pertain to this page all these 9:03 components like covers whatever 9:04 try to put them in layer sets I'm then you can hide them 9:07 but you can also highlight them so you'll notice what I did he really made 9:11 him into a color yeah I don't take over you know so you know that you can like 9:14 toggle between those three you know I'm not something you can talk to developers 9:17 about you know 9:18 like when you open my file you'll notice somewhere sets are color-coded like this 9:22 that means 9:22 acts that means why so just making sure that I am 9:26 they can come back to you with the least amount of questions possible that's 9:29 always good you know it it saves time 9:31 I was think about it like the busier you are the more thorough you wanna be 9:35 because when you throw it over the fence or when you're working with someone 9:38 if you don't cross all the t's and dot all the i's it's going to come back to 9:41 you 9:42 and they're going to be all these questions and you know said that brings 9:46 up the rear intercession for cats on we think about this because 9:49 one other things that again it's common sense a lot of bed it's it's 9:53 what are the other concerns you have i mean in terms over I 9:56 in terms have I'm a 10:00 we know how to prepare things up 10:07 good 10:11 well yeah 10:16 than yeah there usually is 10:20 there usually is in and when you work with for different I'm 10:24 kinda display like pixel density is on display where you want to do is you want 10:28 to work on the 10:28 largest prison possible because you can scale 10:32 in pixels rights he work on the largest one and then usually my preference is to 10:36 have somebody 10:37 either on the dev site or a good production resource to 10:40 kind of bridge that gap between you and the developer see you create 10:44 the art and then you hand it to somebody who's gonna do in the case for the 10:48 iPhone for example are even when 10:49 you know it's gonna do all that slicing or reducing down to 10:53 to a smaller size come in the case serve you know creating native app for iPhone 10:58 you do have to hand 10:59 of two different types have graphics like all the buttons need to be 11:04 retina display in the old style display: if you're doing for example and a really 11:09 need to account for that as well you know so I 11:11 when I worked with set for a while back on YouTube account for Android dementia 11:15 render it so I would hand of light for 11:17 different types love you know so it's like the the two hundred percent is 11:21 right now the 100 which is what they called like the regular iPhone and 11:24 there's like 11:25 150 percent original size which was one Android 11:28 and then it was just like there's a lot of stuff so 11:31 hook 11:35 should 11:38 def up button but there's something that's interesting and I'm doing it 11:42 right now as we speak in that I told about 11:43 designers all the time all this information is available on Google 11:47 so so what I do I you know 11:51 bid like you're about to talk to developer and this is an instance where 11:55 you do do the research like a ride 11:57 I told a few episodes ago I told Josh you know that you know it's kinda 12:00 annoying 12:01 when people come into a doctor with you know all the research done in all the 12:05 answers 12:05 but in the case scenario how to design for several essay are collaborating on a 12:09 project with the team 12:10 and have an internal development team I think it's okay to ask them hey what 12:14 size you guys want things to say but there's a certain degree like 12:16 developers are very a.m. since our dorky and their about the details 12:21 intimidate their is and argument 12:25 for not asking that I 12:28 such basic questions and and and there's two arguments our site you should admit 12:31 where you don't know 12:32 de fax the best thing to be authentic that's one but then there's the other 12:36 argument which is 12:37 if you do understand that you're losing leverage in that you know they're like 12:41 oh shit this person that as a No 12:42 this person's noon so what's the right thing to do something like how big 12:47 should die fundamentals be for a screen to design you can 12:50 download the iPhone SDK yet also there's this have suffered about many sources on 12:54 the web tonight I think I have an episode about more will actually from 12:57 last year where we are not designed for mobile in which are the great and we did 13:00 our thing 13:00 all that's observe a long line so here's a question for you isn't an issue that 13:04 you want to hear from someone 13:06 that had this going to nominate happen with with with 13:10 depending on your feet a profile which by the way people are wondering when I'm 13:14 calling people dorky and when I'm calling people 13:16 evil if I'm outta my mind and is being really rude but if you go to 13:20 online here go to my screen if you go to feed 0 13:23 dot school OS which is skoo al 13:26 OS dot com I'll tell you whether you're evil dorky or 13:30 flaky I'm which a lot of you know from the school s your behavioral assessments 13:34 and that's the way I can gauge 13:35 but interests you and developers are dark either interested in the details 13:38 and the technical things at work 13:40 ap designers were dorky flake your Flickr turkey will research it and know 13:44 exactly the dimensions 13:45 you're actually fakey evil so you're more interested in ICT 13:49 you you're interested on a and the control it making sure everything is 13:52 right. 13:53 less doing the research we even know this entry into a lotta research 13:57 hood 14:03 so much IOC 14:06 using his is too much information 14:10 you want about one more validation point yeah I know exactly how I'd 14:15 safe I'm got it 14:18 got it so if you guys in here that because tennis at Mike 14:22 which I know a lot of your gonna complain and YouTube a thank you for 14:25 been interested and and and and and and sipping thank you for complaining I 14:28 actually like the complaints 14:30 as my favorite thing to let me get better that's how you make a better are 14:32 you guys make the show better 14:34 a her question was you know there yet she finds too much stuff 14:37 and that she would like that extra validation point which of course is show 14:40 gives you guys 14:41 so that you don't have to rework you have to do it a million times worse 14:44 perfect I 14:45 but the point I was making is that bad that it a lot of it is available 14:49 and the and you are right actually doing consider that which is 14:52 crap alright so what let we keep on going you know I'm gonna go back and re 14:55 in for size your point and I have a screen 14:58 on my I have appeared on my screen which I wanna die 15:01 men are you you to tell you where you can skip forward so that you can see it 15:04 from your 15:05 even if you can sneak into in camera am nunu have to re watch the episode anyway 15:09 I'm 15:10 I'm but I am that so I have my grade up at the top 15:14 this is for the launch festival bring your chair up to 15:17 Ari's you can bring a trip to ours yeah area 15:21 to our site and everyone so you can see it that's fine 15:24 the Union winter jacket and I was a suggestion from from a 15:29 from people out there so-so the point that dead 15:32 that I was making is that here I have migrated and then I actually did 15:36 everything in the exact order that appears 15:38 this is a one page design so you know I don't know anything mysterious said you 15:43 know 15:44 somebody else not dozen now other than the fact that I've been doing this for a 15:48 long time and I want to make sure that the disease that the developer 15:51 in a dozen actually this was delivered to PSD to HTML 15:54 which is even more interesting because I wanted to clean it to somebody that I've 15:58 never even seen 15:59 so top jump link this is exactly what was up at the top 16:02 top euro area judges quotes in carousel Sotomayor's 16:07 and and since I have been limited control of color 16:10 I actually tried a color-coded to the colors to some degree narrowly but like 16:14 orange or and 16:15 there is no purpose I made the gray per there so graying 16:18 actuators K I'm but where the point as 16:21 they have it is cummin said a lot of it is just common sense is not so here's a 16:25 carousel 16:26 you know there's a Rovers read about the arrows themselves 16:29 the picture george Zachary was adjudged the white outline the shadow 16:33 so they don't really care about all those things been in their developers 16:36 I'm gonna care 16:37 but they do care about the ability to do something like this 16:40 so like to pick up there that the tax man who because they want to be able to 16:44 do that 16:45 I used to in the past divide attacks from the rest said the graphics 16:49 am in that order now I don't because it doesn't really matter I know that 16:53 I know the developers have told me that doesn't matter but thats I didn't 16:57 it was just put everything let me turn it off 17:00 the test should be if you turn it off it's turning off progressively 17:04 look at that in actual order Jesus 17:07 it also for me I'm working a million miles an hour 17:10 it really helps me I'm figure things out because a if I don't do this then I go 17:15 back to the files 17:16 it's really messy and its kinda confused I actually 17:19 this I was working with this with another disaster to working with my shop 17:22 who's who produces a lot of work on tomorrow our content 17:26 and she's she's awesome ensure very fast and she handed it over to me 17:30 before even continue working and I went through in a queen other files 17:34 does that make sense i think is a good then artists cleaning other tools 17:37 getting them ready ready to 17:38 I find that I won't work I work much more 17:42 I can I say like precisely and and and a much more organized way and make things 17:45 look better when all my folders are 17:48 nicely structured because you're being clean about your being diligent as 17:50 opposed to when things are 17:52 kind of all over the place which is sometimes what happens when you're kinda 17:55 like taking a very quick first pass at it 17:57 we always want to take a step back in this yeah that's a good question and a 18:00 good point like when 18:01 like the file that I gave you for this weekend network redesign 18:04 here's my version of it and as I'm curious if it's super messy 18:08 correct i mean it up when I just let's see how you can add up a senior I gave 18:11 you my 18:11 quick comp and check you out but like all the shows Lake 18:16 so one show to you know all the shows are in there 18:19 years old navigation elements are on a lotta layers but even without them 18:22 anywheres I just kinda wanted to go in there and 18:25 sorta separate them so that I could when I started creating another file gonna 18:29 start working on the second one 18:30 I just drag that a and Series are you drag earlier sets are at smartest 18:34 regulars and Michelle Medicom and you know on the teleprompter she said it's 18:37 it's like a kitchen prep given to 18:39 shop so like the propshaft being real economy on 18:43 and and if you've been in the kitchen or you know cooking is a great metaphor for 18:46 building web sites 18:47 I remember being in Thomas Keller says the website and got at my website we did 18:51 Thomas Keller from the French Laundry that their web sites many years ago 18:55 many moons ago and I we also got to visit any other restaurants 18:58 I'm but I was going to train I for for them and I and I'm 19:03 and I got to see you know their training which is pretty amazing and 19:06 and if you watch kitchen in shows like MasterChef in you get the shattuck 19:10 yelling at the cooks about you know cleaning their workspace 19:14 I do the same thing to like designers and interns at the group are used to do 19:17 that where was like 19:19 to learn clean up your goddamn phone I can see them knowing 19:23 yeah their cabana now than you were younger we are not a bad on ya like 19:27 Gordon Ramsay a bill that this file you remember ways to do this is why would 19:30 you laugh but this is important to talk about this why would we do this 19:34 so this is um uses when you're being really thorough and you know you give 19:38 this to the developer and 19:40 you know when they builded then have to go through visual cue a phase and then 19:43 you're like well you know 19:45 to make the logo a little bit more like separate from the top 19:48 there understand what that means they want numbers rate so when you hand it 19:51 off to them and then they give it back to you and then you're like well you 19:54 know I told you that there was a 19:56 20 pixels between the logo on the top of the page and looks like there's forty 19:59 so can you you know just kinda just see the 20:03 kinda like makes the dialogue a little bit easier you know because you're 20:06 talking to them in numbers and not in 20:08 kinda abstract kinda can make a little bit closer 20:11 her little bit bigger so I think that's kind of something important ways to do 20:15 this a lot and you'll notice here 20:17 even added you know some information about the CSS there you could 20:21 potentially use to create 20:23 some of these containers here at the bottom you go through in these are 20:27 actual tags in HTML so an h1 h2 20:31 going through each one and I'm 20:34 saying like what the fun is in with the sizes and developers love this because 20:38 they can actually start coding a style sheet 20:41 by just looking at this without necessarily like looking at the design 20:44 intern to reinterpret 20:45 what you're saying into HTML tags right like they already know the header 20:50 that we're using appear you know is this size is this color 20:53 they can disco that right off the bat like they can create a style she first 20:57 and then work on the HTML on 21:00 so I think that's good and then one last thing on this file is just the state 21:04 sumner 21:05 is something that we do sometimes as well as discrete like a grade 21:08 love you know kind of like an inactive was about look like when you're not 21:12 doing anything when you hover over it and you know if it's turned on or turned 21:15 off 21:16 and just give different states there because you can assume that they'll know 21:20 I mean then they might create something that you don't like and then again it 21:22 goes back to 21:24 police on a work that you can to later on the better 21:27 great the least amount of and the these are you can make a dialogue when it 21:31 comes time to like visually 21:32 cue a buffet when you're kinda looking at what they did in you're making these 21:35 minor adjustments 21:36 you can always refer back to the firm faring paragraph I think you and those 21:40 measurements make sure it's exactly 21:42 this and and when you do however make sure it exactly 21:45 looks like that are you know I'm so a little bit more work up front 21:49 save you a lot headaches we're on this great this is very very helpful to see 21:53 that's great that's great and I'll give even one measure interesting example 21:57 here in this is working with the print 21:59 designer and for edible schoolyard which we did a few years ago actually did last 22:04 night that it was a certain 11 22:06 2012 weird 2012 renounce in 2011-12 22:09 so first father designed partner for this 22:12 project that was just my client a green dragon 22:16 which is pretty amazing design firm and then pretty prolific 22:21 and an amazing designers I'm so they gave me this for their for the 22:25 I am for the splash page I which I think it looks fine right 22:30 core but it the challenge was that it was in this early format it in any way 22:34 for 22:35 and forearm for the web and you know things like this was a lot to light 22:39 and I'm down here if you look at the weight area and yellow tax that just 22:43 wasn't gonna work 22:45 for web and also that was in on the grid say you know it and I explain it to them 22:49 and we when I we got on the phone and we kinda went through the grid 22:51 so and and this is a PDF it's sad though the panels for far the final 22:56 a and then this case we deliver deal straighter file 22:59 and to the developer and they were fine with it was a to 23:03 to stop for but I am the point that I did is here and this is not the final 23:07 final file 23:08 but I just took in a try to replicate they're kinda 23:11 asymmetric you know Cana funky cold Medina you know 23:15 design aesthetic which again you know it's a team from Cal Arts I 23:19 you know they're pretty awesome they do pretty interesting work but not 23:22 necessarily 23:23 news to the formatting for the web so I tried to maintain some order 23:27 inside did the funkiness as I took it from there is something like this and 23:31 and and the final 23:32 splash page was something like this I think I was doing to us I was trying to 23:36 highlight what you wanted 23:37 their customer where the user to read first so here it's hard to tell what to 23:41 read first grade 23:43 sect where do I start donate now join me so notice that I 23:46 actually made joined biggest because that's really what I wanted the user to 23:49 do 23:50 so a lot of it is common sense and it's where design and functionality I just 23:54 notice when you're showing 23:55 the style guide for the for SS project 23:59 you know I realized that designing for the web is about designing for 24:03 variability 24:04 we have infinite variability so the only thing that you can really do is put 24:08 together systems 24:09 that kinda short hand what the possibilities are 24:13 does that make sense that said the buttons gonna be here here's a distance 24:16 if 24:17 you know it's gonna roll over its gonna be this color because when you put it 24:21 together 24:21 you know that developers gonna have been the final like assembly 24:25 and without instructions or without guidelines or 24:28 parameters you'll be disappointed so what ends up happening a lot is that two 24:33 things one 24:34 the designer has it with the designer driven project or even the client so the 24:38 dork 24:39 if they flake he's and the evils have control 24:43 and they go to a developer a they're gonna do they're gonna way over scope 24:46 mean they're going to have way too much they do want to do in too short a time 24:50 and the designers are going to have enough definition and what that might be 24:54 so when you give it over the developer it's gonna be lot less 24:58 bad that you're going to get all the features you want anything in a look the 25:01 way you want it to be 25:02 and that's what I hear people other time pulling their hair out the maid web 25:05 developer to make a look 25:07 like me but I wanted it to end it doesn't work I wanted to 25:10 me tell you a secret it's your fucking far 25:13 poets at the developers ball its you market your developer could suck so 25:17 there is the possibility of that but you keep in mind you're taking a different 25:20 languages December stories begin a different one worth thinking you know 25:24 gradients and transparencies are thinking numbers and you have to give 25:27 them numbers right so if you do 25:29 like a cool overlap with the gradient elderly how much to set that 25:33 out for value terms that they can understand you must understand the 25:36 language the best thing that you could do is actually go take a development 25:39 class 25:39 I mean take a week and development class somewhere just to basics 25:43 that's what I did when I was at Razorfish I was a creative director I 25:46 mean I II & Arts Center I took classes and I actually was luckier 25:50 the person who was my teacher was lynn the one min from away and the 25:54 ada comet where you guys and 25:56 12 our sponsors I'm and dad I actually had her teaching HTML 26:01 which is kinda crazy and she wrote a bunch of books but now you can go to 26:04 lynne that a common take a class 26:06 learn the basics if you're not a dorky flaking 26:09 or if you're not you know planning and developing for time I wouldn't 26:12 necessarily invest so much time into it and they said no 26:15 enough and then your best friend should be a developer rape 26:18 and don't like rere is my best friend in there you know we we we've known each 26:22 other for a long time 26:23 I'm a thing is the but that's actually really good point I mean the end and the 26:28 worst thing that i've seen 26:29 is I'm and I've done it a couple times in with that once were you know 26:33 creatives going off from this whole thing are 26:35 annually a prank in the yard and then the night in your hand off to 26:38 development and they're like 26:40 yeah we can build fair see a design for a long time but now there's also the 26:44 other 26:44 okay so you give them and they can build it but there's also the developer 26:47 getting upset you 26:48 yet yeah nnnn you've got an upset at me especially late at night when you're 26:52 like I really do this gonna get 26:54 you're tired and i were now can do it guy and to that other than you can also 26:57 forgive each other but anyway but I am 27:00 is this helpful so far yes absolutely well some adults in terms and we need to 27:04 actually work on delivering the files for their further 27:07 for the Network website we think the new network design by 27:13 it definitely looks from cleaner 27:16 move more organized I thought looking at the old one it was a little too busy 27:20 there was some repetition going on 27:22 my words get I like the phone 27:25 the chance and also 27:28 look with the caller's is calmer 27:32 not jumping at me so yeah I like that doesn't have that 3d glossy stuff going 27:37 on anymore 27:37 yeah I mean in a lot of people have been so when other things to really look at 27:41 and i'm looking at for the network 27:42 is I i've been working here at the network for a long time now 27:46 say that's actually call this is from an event I was at a few days ago are a few 27:49 weeks ago 27:50 I'm so I really understand the dynamics of the business and what we need to do 27:53 and I'm working for aggressively with you know Jason demand 27:56 to improve our delivery to our sponsors I'm 27:59 is so West the designer I'm actually I have the tendency 28:03 and you know this well I read a play but they're evil I'm role even though I'm 28:07 not evil that some high-profile 28:09 I'm II business role and the 28:12 and and the I'm and the design relied the same time 28:17 so what is a strategic goal and a strategical timidly 28:20 for Asus make the network let higher quality to make a look hate 28:25 so that and I told the situation the man I want to our sponsorship causes like 28:29 tight is price of entry mean tight 28:32 is baseline success goes after tight a 28:35 you can and and Jason calcaneus had a great episode about this 28:39 an actor he wrote it an amazing blog post about excellence 28:42 and if you read the book Good to Great Neck cetera and a lot of those 28:45 in autumn you follow the show and inducer job opening for example 28:50 is bring up job on because I know you're gonna be watching this show 28:53 perhaps the stuff is due yeah that the the quality of the work he's doing for 28:57 his business is actually pretty amazing 28:59 and it's pretty impressive what you guys can do you watch this show so anything 29:03 else you want to add a conclusion re: be someone talk about yeah 29:05 gonna do some promotional stuff and this is so not to be able 29:09 that I hear about a lot with people that I work with has that as the barrier to 29:12 entry its lower for technology 29:15 the more you're going to have to raise the bar in terms of view ax 29:19 Nuri and things are just gonna have to look better and if you look at the 29:22 things that are out there now i mean you can't get away with doing 29:25 cluster so we're actually at a transition point in the history of 29:28 online 29:30 business and in the history of what's happening and 29:33 I'm you have to look good and user experience is gonna be the future so 29:37 if you're interested in a career in web design if you and you know you know we 29:40 have for sale university as a sponsor you now 29:42 you know what we talk about this is actually in a lot of people would say 29:45 parents regular 29:47 not a good idea I believe hear me now believe me later 29:51 what we do this thing right here Anne Paris 29:55 here is actually web design is actually becoming and it's going to become more 29:59 important and the user experience on our ability to collaborate 30:02 and the reason why do this every week is because I know that that we're 30:05 are hitting the threshold were even the smallest business 30:08 even the smallest mom and pop shop has to be super tight which is a both 30:13 an opportunity for designers but also an opportunity for 30:16 businesses so let me show one right last group quick thing on my screen 30:20 so in in addition to this for also going to be doing the motion graphics for the 30:24 network 30:25 and the whole concept just so that you know the concept pitch so that people 30:28 now 30:28 is that this week in I'm emphasizing and this came out of the 30:32 no strategy that we did last year I'm emphasizing the idea 30:36 inside so you get an insider's view into web design an insider's view 30:40 into startups so you're actually inside the little blue dot our insider 30:44 the box which is funny because people talk about outside the box 30:48 you know we're actually inside the box are you in hey stick around four and 30:51 then you know that animation they said to be in a bar shows 30:54 where you see all that kind of shows come up church 30:57 with that sound were also re doing that we're going to be doing that with fam 31:01 a team in 3d with some a bar guess expert so we've had in the past 31:05 so wanna talk a little bit about couple things you know there's a webinar that 31:09 we have coming up on november eighth 31:10 and it's really about tools to manage the process of web design 31:14 so you bring up that had a car from a simple tools to manage complex web 31:18 project is a free 31:19 the step-by-step guide join us as one hour I'm in a really cover a lot of 31:24 pretty exciting stuff 31:25 and dad go into detail about what are the tools that you need 31:28 to manage complex web project this is from the school again 31:32 this week in web design is shown that this week in network which UCS 31:35 redesigning 31:36 I and I'm actually gonna redesign this week in web design identity so that it 31:39 doesn't look like the school so much 31:41 and the school as well I'm doing for a living nowadays which is teaching you 31:46 guys 31:46 you know simple tools to manage complex web projects and you can join us for the 31:51 school live every Thursday 31:52 this description 75 bucks till you know and I'm actually gonna bring the price 31:56 up to probably about a hundred under 20 dollars 31:58 through learning from me every week live so kinda it's kinda badass 32:02 I've had multiple people said to me that they dropped out other graduate program 32:06 so that 32:06 their school was you know their pain hun you know thousands of dollars per 32:11 per per did actually unit I think you know when class is a couple thousand 32:15 dollars 32:16 and they learn more from watching the show in from joining the school 32:19 so it's a pretty banged you know inexpensive solution to 32:23 learning a lot from people who have a lot of experience and we're going to be 32:26 introducing a teacher's next year 32:27 I wanted think harvest again am now so I think media temple 32:32 media temple very specifically because they sponsored 32:35 I my tour that I did recently and have you don't know what I'm talking about 32:40 I i'm talking about. their awesomeness that was a 32:44 other conferences that I I think I'm pretty tired still from it but 32:49 I have a few weeks ago we were at 32:52 at and Santa Cruz doing the tech raising 32:55 you can follow along on a day-to-day basis actually post 32:59 this is tied to my phone into my Instagram so you see 33:02 you can basically following this another workshop but I did here in LA 33:06 a filter which was an amazing and fun workshop 33:09 I A what's at that's why my workshop attendees access my nephew 33:13 who I so have to meet because I came back to a workshop 33:16 anyway so follow along on might amber a sec 33:19 car yet at that time blur dot com you guys can seep 33:23 all these but goodies looking at that's me in stock 33:26 that's crazy and big in Japan apparently because I send a pan 33:30 I anyway so joined that and also take the fetus has access really funny 33:36 and vetoed at the school OS if you want to have your evil 33:39 feed 0 dot the school school OS vetoed a school s dot com 33:44 I'm a superior fuel but barely will be able to see it I'm what else Michelle 33:48 I'm 33:48 I think that that said I'm well let's 33:52 thank our as in can you bring up the credits for the team will put the show 33:55 together 33:56 re: thank you for joining us always said Jason Calacanis is the bus he owns a 34:00 network 34:01 myself re-brand this pain away called can this the other day which is awful 34:06 Jesse males who is actually a at an alumni I have 34:09 for sale now Michelle one who is amazing and she produces design slices and dices 34:15 Sophia who make sure that we're on the right place in Jannah producer makeup 34:18 and thank you for doing this agenda today in helping us a get the show can 34:22 ameliorate did you learn anything years I think they did thank you so much 34:24 missus helpful 34:25 really appreciate it you I said a permanent seat there and you're one of 34:29 these times 34:29 get you get these J Mikes I would be funny how her I'll be back 34:34 said that's Arnold so thank you guys again join us every week at 2:30 34:38 Pacific you're still a graphic with whatever puppets 34:41 and I also five thirty eastern PDT 34:45 also please like us on Facebook and like us on 34:48 the trip are not like us on a tour as follows in Atwater's all the links are 34:51 below on the facebook said on the Google Places 34:53 trying to figure out the Google Plus is better and use the more I'm 34:57 links to re-sell Facebook I and Twitter are down 35:00 and links to other resources that we covered on the show like Linda and make 35:04 up for sale in 35:05 ex-senator up are all downstairs harvest make sure you go check it out this 35:10 weekend dot com slash harvest 35:12 this week I'm sorry this weekend ok is that right is that the euro 35:16 my senate right this weekend a calm such high risk at this week in the comm 35:19 slash harvests in its a free trial you don't have to put in a credit card 35:23 it tracks your time and it invoices your clients isn't that awesome 35:27 you can just I made the whole process on your mobile 35:31 and also in a desktop is pretty damn awesome and is why the better looking if 35:35 not the best looking 35:36 solution for this check them out it helps us out 35:39 to pay are bills so we'll see you next week 35:42 when you watch is work it 35:47 this

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