May 19, 2014

Web Design - How To Build A Perfect Website

Today Jose and Aure answer the question: "How do I build the perfect website?" Aure and I will share 3 projects with you and tell you how they did it!
1. What does it take from a design standpoint?
2. What does it take from a business standpoint?
3. What does it take from a marketing standpoint?
4. What does it take from a technology standpoint
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0:01 today we answer the question 0:03 how do I build the perfect website reni are going to review 0:06 three web sites that we dine and tell you why we think they're perfect 0:10 stick around watches work welcome to 0:19 it be so the ornamental today s at the second season at this week in web design 0:23 a mere hotho se got your co founder 0:25 and chief creative officer the group my new title is chief 0:28 educator for the group getup day but I to cart always joining mean 0:32 this way which way this way are you human okay with that 0:36 freelance creative director and as you see them in class that pic 0:40 four episodes this is now 53 in the fifty-three 0:43 given us a lot a great insights I'm really excited about the topic today 0:47 I the question here's a question how do I build 0:50 the perfect website we did a poll on line we ask our producers we asked you 0:55 what did you like this is what I'd but we the boats came out to this how do I 0:58 build the perfect website 1:00 sorry I put together three case studies here's what we're going to do today for 1:03 you we're gonna 1:04 answer that question from a one from a design standpoint 1:07 what does it mean to be a perfect web-site number two 1:10 from a business standpoint what does that mean for a site to be perfect 1:14 number three 1:15 from a marketing standpoint what does that mean for a site to be perfect and 1:19 number four 1:20 from a technology standpoint what does that mean to be perfect if you're 1:24 joining us for the first time by the way 1:26 this show is about a fella radio web career helping you do everything online 1:31 by helping you with creative business technology and marketing the secrets 1:34 from the expert for myself my 15 years experience 1:37 re: from his 29 thousand years I've experienced in Webster s 1:42 your dog I I look younger than i that is true 1:45 if you're simply looking to learn CSS or HTML you want to build a page really 1:49 quick 1:50 we want to know how to install word press please go to 1:54 right here I am subscribed to use when that are conscious wanna meet teachers 1:58 at Art Center she is amazing 2:00 great videos you learn a lot also go to teen treehouse 2:03 dot com is that from an air Ryan Carson if you guys follow him 2:08 of other stuff often team treehouse dot com and you'll learn 2:11 a tine now stick around here 2:14 for yourself if you are number one if you're a student 2:18 if you're looking to learn design development web and your goal is to get 2:22 a job 2:23 to get a job to get some work for the freelancer 2:26 if you're looking the to get to make more money into major project a lot more 2:30 efficient 2:31 this is for you freelance web developer freelance designer third for the 2:34 afterburner 2:35 if whether you're an executive looking to leave in a min start your own thing 2:38 or whether you're already doing your own thing or you're doing the second thing 2:42 how do you start a web business how do you make success a successful start-up 2:45 finally for the career switcher this is someone special to me someone who 2:49 is looking to change from legal services another wanna do something more creative 2:53 Xterra 2:54 this show is for you does for people 2:57 that's the show is you probably not a puppet but we like our puppets 3:01 this show is prime box mean we're gonna be 30 minutes 3:04 after the show you can stick around we're gonna do a Q&A session 3:07 that is in broadcast live only for the people most actuated broadcast live 3:11 comeback has brought you recommend a 3:13 we're gonna time box all the episodes have you know scrum we 3:16 if you watch the previous episode you know what it means brought you back room 3:20 at at 3:20 re: how to use come into I am criminal you basically install it it's a software 3:24 that runs on your laptop 3:26 but it's also got like dashboard on the web right so it's basically recording 3:30 everything you're doing 3:31 then you log into the website online and it breaks it down for you 3:34 Lakers how much time you spend Photoshop so fari except 3:38 how does it what has it done in terms over you 3:41 managing your time think the biggest thing for me is just all those gaps that 3:44 I didn't know that I was actually spending 3:46 in between Photoshop writing emails checking wireframes on balsamic or what 3:51 not 3:51 in this thing kinda breaks it down for me and it lets me know more hours 3:54 let's rebuild incompetently because I have numbers to back them up 3:57 so it's better to give me the conference is making more money and your freelance 4:01 creative director so you need that 4:02 I'm time back in with an egg timer which you can do I'm totally 80's I need to 4:06 really 4:07 contain things the first segment of the show I which we call the basics 4:12 or en espanol for those have you in Latin America 4:15 back to go all over i three columns a corridor months ago are you 4:18 how to introduce a part in Spanish low battery go lassie go so I'm gonna start 4:22 the five-minute segment are so we have to go quick we want to give you a 4:25 top-line overview 4:26 have to pay 60 the first question we can bring the question back up 4:30 how to build the perfect website that's a question we're answering 4:34 and we're gonna go through at somebody's answer so for Safari 4:37 is what what is perfect mean I think perfect as a and then we were discussing 4:42 this on the way here 4:43 anything perfect is very relative to the type a project 4:46 who it's for and it really depends on these three or four kinda 4:51 prongs that we're talking about this 34 kind approaches attacked the marketing 4:55 the design and the business after it from the point of view of those four 4:59 right what's perfect this really was perfect from those so let's cover that 5:02 in 5:03 a we have a minute apiece so what does it take from a design standpoint 5:07 if we bring that title card backup what does it take from a design standpoint so 5:11 I have you know really understanding and immerse yourself in the brand 5:14 that's number one and the design standpoint 5:17 translating that into the user experience pay attention to details 5:21 and creating a story that follows not necessarily just designing these pages 5:25 right 5:26 so make sense absolutely you and I think that no i think i mean i think thats key 5:30 and i really wanna show the case what was started in the example segment say I 5:33 mean it's as overview 5:35 so won the bet any other brand translating into user experience 5:39 paying attention to details you'll see that will cover those again 5:42 in summary know thy self I think this is the one thing that 5:45 I if we actually I PGA there you go I have known that I felt and pay attention 5:50 to the details 5:51 alright so westech from a business standpoint 5:54 users yeah you have to know your users I mean we did at the beginning right with 5:58 the puppets like you have to know what this is like 5:59 we know exactly who were targeting with this program you have to be able to do 6:03 the same 6:04 for your website so that success at a perfect web site really meets a user's 6:08 needs 6:09 it and you ask them what they want that the keeping know them well create 6:12 profile 6:13 ask them I've been asking if that's what you want for a year twelve months before 6:16 we really start 6:17 getting down nitty-gritty his puppets to if you are 6:21 it's actually funny puppets if you don't know find out 6:24 at finally the summary to that one is no 6:27 die a user know the user it's on my screen there know that a user 6:32 and ask aftermath what they want don't be shy 6:35 I'm what does it take from a marketing standpoint 6:39 interesting question since that's a really tough one and 6:44 consistency that use a story that you created having that flow through the 6:47 entire eco-system 6:49 you're not building a website your billion eco-system peopled 6:52 try to build a website don't don't market 6:55 educate don't show tell Apple has reared 6:58 the ecosystem with them eco-system means that it's not just that it's 7:02 your Facebook Twitter where everybody is talking about you too 7:06 you know email and there's more to marketing and and just the site the site 7:11 is really 7:12 up poor in a bit right and and the truth 7:15 at the end of the day it's in the product bonus here's a bonus 7:18 market starts in the first product meaning whatever you're doing any 7:21 commerce I aid 7:22 University site marketing is about having integration right at the 7:26 beginning 7:26 so the summary for that one is 7:29 actually that is that user accounts and the truth is in the pudding actually 7:32 don't have that one 7:33 but the truth is in the pudding create a product then 7:36 share it mean you don't want to market something you wanna share what you 7:41 already have 7:42 okay so as to number four I what is it 7:45 take from a technology standpoint 7:49 this is an interesting one because you need to solve the for customer life 7:52 cycle 7:52 you to understand that right now just when a customer comes in 7:56 add Pat many people think they're building the site 8:00 ready to figure out what assess where the customer goes with other way 8:04 what they're really not buying a list of features you're not buying pitchers 8:06 exactly that 8:07 the problem is that people build the site in the pit the come in with you 8:10 know 8:11 bazookas you know to a knife party- 8:14 Brady said that earlier you know that you can't cam 22 8:18 to to us and small my party right would like a big gun because you're gonna 8:22 just rain year-over-year overextended prioritizing 8:26 educating your client bringing the ray gun to the table 8:30 and as a bonus if you use agile to develop 8:33 you actually will do a great job keep in mind this show is running in this 8:37 exactly structure that we just gave you users 8:40 with time boxing which is the precept from add out so that we can get through 8:44 all the information 8:45 and you don't get bored to death but I listen to me talk we had a lot of 8:48 comments last year about people saying that 8:50 I have 34 seconds in my time boxing so here's a slide for this one 8:54 used the right and the right guy and 8:57 for the right solution customers if you're buying a website 9:01 don't go by features and functionalities and come with a long list then show up 9:05 to 9:05 a developer and a would like to build this whole thing for very little money 9:09 now bill what you need what your customers need 9:12 asking what they need and take your time to understand it otherwise you're 9:15 wasting your money 9:17 most people waste the first huge portion other budget 9:20 and learning what they did it right heard this from other from people in our 9:23 network like 9:23 don't build something that people don't or happens all the time happens all 9:28 we've done it a million times for client up a lot of money and then there are the 9:31 sauna 9:32 so now we're gonna move into chunks three witches 9:35 and the chunk where we're going to talk about specific examples where you're 9:39 talking about REI 9:40 we're gonna spend a little bit more time now examples 10 minutes going two 9:43 examples 9:44 him blow him block him in Faneuil Hall 9:48 alright and examples is brought to you by Go Daddy 9:51 use the web code weapon it's actually not WD 9:54 its Web 40 in my notes here have web WT 9:57 wet forty you get ten dollars of a forty dollar purchase 10:01 I manage all my domains at Go Daddy and I have a lot of them so it's really a an 10:06 amazing 10:07 sponsor use the web cold weather forty get ten dollars of 10:10 a forty dollar purchase our right to die with 10:13 I'll talk about that at the beginning and at the end have this chant in 10 10:17 minutes 10:18 and let's start at 10 minutes and now 10:21 right visual let's look at vigils everybody likes officials 10:25 so like that what we're going to talk about here the beginning is at nine dice 10:28 el 10:28 9 the customer right now I'm sorry we want to show the 10:32 family that take care G Thomas Keller restaurant 10:35 at family have a website that we did in 2006 10:39 7 around there great Thomas Keller no 10:42 noted chef huge huge in the corner world 10:46 asked us to come help and we had no idea why and 10:49 we found out obviously later what did it really take to get that site than you 10:53 know how did we 10:54 immersed how did we miss our side said that regard Stormers 10:57 right so we went to the restaurant we ate the food 11:00 we talk to people that were there to enter the bakery we brought home 11:04 packaging samples a packaging we took tons of photos 11:07 I'm and I think all that term video audio right 11:11 and that's really really well into the experience that we build on line you 11:13 know like if you want to bring that up while we're talking 11:15 absolutely like if you look at the French Laundry website 11:19 I it's this very stark kinda very white 11:23 experience where the food itself in these photos are the protagonists and I 11:26 kinda related to the actual experience for being there you know like having 11:29 those plates 11:30 in front view and having the food put um 11:34 put on these plates and then the food was actually the the main character if 11:37 you will have the whole experience and you can see that 11:40 show the bush on one that the one that you worked Anderson bakery Anderson 11:43 bakery which is a good example out 11:46 okay and they redid it a little bit a little bit with your mother still the 11:49 area 11:50 I mean I think the important thing to note here is like all these loafers and 11:53 details is little 11:54 bush on balls down here and these little separators all that stuff for our 11:58 came from their identities and the identities and we also did research all 12:01 these details though 12:02 if you show my screen I have per se which is their New York restaurant 12:06 keep in mind we did all other web sites across 12:09 I think have a website was it now and this is a time where flash was 12:13 actually pertinent so 12:17 per second am NOT so so that 12:20 go back to about the federal there it was perfect for the time rate like flesh 12:24 was perfect for the experience back then and you might have not been 12:28 per in my neighborhood now but I alright so so let's summarize that so in a way 12:32 we immerse ourselves we we did times abrasions 12:35 an which bush on you have wish I was going with Shana 12:39 they redid everything from flash stretch them out where it still looks like how 12:42 we designed it 12:42 in israel has the same experience in a move the same it was exactly the same 12:46 way we studied the movement's 12:48 and it that overlay it's not coming from we made that up 12:52 in in the this world FB mean where you go get it 12:56 mean you know what this makes up to the the details everything is in the great 12:59 okay look at the far left crowbar for we sped like 13:03 days than bad working at a rate ten different scroll bars and and presenting 13:07 the ones we fell 13:08 work to pay poverty the Peterhead details the details 13:11 if you don't understand how did he tell them you don't understand the biography 13:14 well 13:14 you cannot create the perfect website matter really master or as little 13:19 worse is down the side like is promoting Sri phone in the architecture in the 13:22 tiles on the floor 13:24 para or everything we were I big you think method acting 13:28 I became you know that 13:31 and I and you have to be able to do that alright so 13:34 I V GA thing let's retry who you know what 13:38 power power I actually think a little bit power I didn't connect myself 13:42 am the now we can try that in a bit alright 13:46 attorney Eric emergency power between our 13:49 right my computer all rights over to the six-minute mark is no one's business run 13:52 all right we're on alright so and the business as much business talk about 13:56 seven times acecomm I have it on my screen right why is this a perfect 13:59 web-site 13:59 there's a perfect website because it meets the needs of the users that are 14:02 coming here to look for deals 14:04 and this is something again that was exhaustive research 14:07 as to how to configure all the different elements to make them perfect for these 14:11 are in this thing was user tested 14:12 to death arm well well goal that the CEO came to me he said two things one and 14:17 this isn't for our children in the audience because here's 14:20 he said don't fuck it up don't fuck up by revenue I'm very very good CEO 14:25 and he said we need to increase organic traffic right now we're just getting 14:28 people coming from search 14:29 and that they don't know as a brand and the name savings that comes at a bit 14:34 already 14:34 not necessarily it's not like Google or Yahoo or 14:38 for you know I he actually talked about that how do we make it special 14:41 you actually act directed the identity here and we really had a struggle to get 14:45 that any right 14:46 remember that because at the beginning we're just focusing on locals as opposed 14:49 to focusing on the under 14:50 story and the brand at one time that we did that he walked into the room and we 14:54 had posters and music 14:55 him pointing at it he said like a guy who sponsor some yep 14:58 now we're talking about designers I go back to sign business so here's the 15:01 thing 15:01 a/b testing user testing show the whole range apply here the module so these 15:06 little modules correspond to what they have 15:08 as the actual coupon modules on the site and you can tell 15:11 I'm gonna zoom into a little bit so you can see how some of these elements from 15:15 the very beginning you know we had this bump in very 15:17 like up and down that got thrown out the gate code button was in a different spot 15:22 like this whole rating thing which one away eventually 15:25 but basically the point is we iterate on this module a ton of times with user 15:29 research to back it up 15:30 until we got the right configuration and this was a collaboration with the client 15:33 which should something their way in which had something back at us like 15:36 they were free trade a button here whatever and a and 15:40 looking at it now I have to say that even change the little bit from 15:43 when we handed it over to them so Am I to be first reaction 15:47 but they've had a long and identity in the riding a lot of small ratings 15:50 but here's the bottom line: their organic traffic to their 15:54 I home page increase we built an eco-system we help them their PR agency 15:59 the community managers it was his entire eco-system and you have a metric sorry 16:03 we have another exec and I can hear the numbers are producers behind the scenes 16:07 I can assure them publicly I say here to producers program actually if you 16:10 remember the prisoners program 16:12 you can ask me that and I will tell you exactly the metrics but 16:15 so talk about technology a and abs we're gonna come back to market in savings dot 16:20 com 16:20 I i chose for technology project that has a larger time you give it very brief 16:25 period a very read peek at it 16:29 but I'm the reason why I'm doing that is that because 16:32 lets show my screen it in Drupal it was the 16:35 it was a we the group mean we are managing the entire day event but 16:39 development and the the process a 16:41 execute and design with different partners so for design we have green 16:45 dragon design here in Los Angeles 16:47 if you guys on a green dragon go to green dragon I think there you're always 16:50 been going to come 16:51 amazing designer I you know their their lead designer 16:55 is that the chair or a sabbatical a pal art the graphic design program 16:59 Lorraine while so it's a beautiful design that we've been needing to a 17:02 second 17:03 make it work within Drupal and make where we're basically the execution 17:08 and making sure that the the design work and managing the development process 17:12 great we're managing 17:13 Stoppers team II who you've met on previous episodes 17:17 and the reason why is perfect is because Drupal is it was look at scroll down 17:21 it's the perfect solution this is this is a a repository a recipes are 17:26 users contributing and changing this entire movement 17:29 from I hate being you know just 17:32 edible schoolyard in at berkeley to the entire 17:36 you know United States a great day have a map you can search maps come up 17:40 all the different programs that this is really building a movement 17:43 job was perfect and here's a second thing we're building it in Scrum 17:47 its extensible they're going to be able to continue after we leave growing with 17:51 the stopper stare 17:52 they understood the budget in the goals we did it in Scrum so we were able to 17:57 guess what because we did the development in Scrum 18:00 we were able to see you all look at all the stuff we want to accomplish and 18:03 we're accomplishing 18:04 today we had to admit sprint review for the final sprint for the ports Brent 18:08 I that I'm managing and the Scrum Master on and it from every single person 18:12 this is why this move this project from the developers now the client is happy 18:16 that we've done to this point and how much communication 18:18 they have so was it really necessary just about ok how does that work and 18:22 what kinda technology it 18:23 anything is possible you can build anything how much money you have much 18:26 time 18:26 have and how well can your team execute is really what dictates when you get 18:30 built alright that's technology 18:31 last-minute marketing 18:34 make sense to bring the right guns to table that that 18:38 that's really it so in this case the reagan was triple and Adam 18:41 working together doing Drupal doing agile in we contained everything 18:45 we had a solution we had something that we have designed by those too 18:49 complicated for 18:50 we would talk with the developer all in time the daily meetings in our planning 18:54 sessions really poor and and modified its okay let's make it a symbolic make a 18:57 local developer was involved from there from day one 19:00 yeah in the development process Agri from we brought him in 19:04 we did architect that without the developer be in their present all the 19:07 time 19:07 a mistake I noticed it and I switched it to do at two 19:10 scrum immediately marketing savings dot com 19:14 I that that's a really I i doing at the truth is in the pudding is what I needed 19:19 to 19:19 right that one and I'll make it had a paper that the site where the market 19:23 indexes are perceived as a common last 19:25 minute well you know I'll say this about savings are calm it depends on 19:29 and search it depends on organic traffic well they said it was interesting 19:33 is they they they work to have people submit videos and become 19:38 you know saving dot com may be in for 19:41 deal prose which is what in this kind and they get a conference in summer 2007 19:45 right and everybody and then went to Chicago and things that was a Chicago 19:49 first was in Chicago outta there was one in San Francisco but but that's really 19:52 what plan mean it wasn't just the website right it's what you're saying 19:54 there was all this stuff that went around it 19:56 they took these people they focused on one which I thought was interesting 19:59 usually will focus on three 20:01 user types they decided to focus just on one because it was the core traffic and 20:05 the people that were generating ninety this and 20:07 they were varieties a that wind 20:10 about one type abuser but I think that what really mattered was that the 20:15 eco-system with cohesive across 20:17 a lot of the different components mean I you know 20:20 everything from that the mugs to right banners 20:24 we did we did the final act like going there on their 20:27 on their own side there are operated and it was it about the website only it was 20:32 about building 20:33 a whole eco-system right so that brings us to the 10-minute mark 20:37 and where 21 minutes exactly into the episode summer breeze 20:42 this is going to get that back in a way it's want him back yeah thank you 20:45 the house japan has graded cold I mean it's it's great not feeling cold all the 20:49 time 20:49 a bad mother I've never been well I have been to Japan tell you for 24 hours 20:53 I alright so chunk 4 which is five minutes 20:57 is practice practica me bring up the five minutes here 21:01 back a lap practica so 21:05 holy crap how do i do well to stop the that the people who are asking for how 21:09 do we build the perfect website 21:10 it's just I just need accent is its you know 21:14 it's a lot reso how do you do all this stuff when you get clients you know we 21:18 just talked about this we just talked about this on the way he remained in 21:20 this is something I tell clients like 21:22 I want to do it this particular way which I'm gonna explain what that is 21:25 because it's what I'm familiar with that's what I learned that the group 21:28 it would have been doing for the past six years and it's the brand driven 21:31 design experience which is basically 21:34 those three things that fit into the product or product is what the brand 21:38 dictates plus what the users need plus what your business needs 21:42 and we have a workbook we thought so way way way way 21:46 wait for it wait for it colon so but 21:49 last year we did the entire process together a lot of you watched as 21:52 for starters watch this show every week tell your friends and colleagues were 21:56 over the next six months we will give away the group operating system the 22:01 group OS how we do it on this show 22:03 the Google OS is this standard process for successful web project delivery 22:07 we developed it into a system but its use by all of the top agencies 22:12 and my dad the consultancy if they use user experience these 22:16 great project management we're giving all this to you 22:19 for free on this show every Tuesday at 2:30 22:23 in addition to that so if if you say well you know you're doing thirty 22:26 minutes ago in super fast they can get 22:28 if china produces program all your questions get answered 22:31 I in the back-channel a lot of the topics for this argument elected 22:35 next week I'm gonna talk to the producers first about that this Friday 22:38 this Friday we have a call with the producers I 22:42 be a GOTO meeting and you know discuss their questions 22:46 anybody can dial in who is a producer garwood this week in web design dot com 22:50 to sign up for the Christmas program now if it 22:53 every Thursday begin in February the first week in February I'm gonna begin 22:56 doing group call live 22:58 which is gonna be go to me in this is something new that I'm trying out 23:01 and it's going to be two hours are can be one hour plus Q&A in 23:04 time working together and to do your own project in the group school system 23:09 on Tuesday as you watch it here only seventy five dollars a month think about 23:12 that 23:13 what is 18 bucks per per episode as me very happy its life its me coach in your 23:18 projects like whatever product you have 23:19 bring it and will begin working together on it 23:22 and I'll share with you the group system what accurate will go slow 23:26 alright so that's that I finally next week 23:30 at 12 p.m. PST watch out for the Twitter 23:33 and here's a Twitter for the show the Twitter for the show is this week 23:37 I how is this weekend when the sitter for the show awesome base but the 23:40 complex DWI 23:42 web design Facebook to contact you via web site will bring up the car 23:47 this week in WebKit twitter facebook dot com fetched eww I web design 23:51 and of course you can watch us live on I 23:54 right now i'd just check for it because next week we're going to be doing a free 23:58 a group school session on Thursday I again 24:02 there is at 12 p.m. Pacific so that 24:05 three eastern Xterra they're giving away for free for the first one 24:09 the one after that take advantage of it today I'm actually send out the 24:13 registration 24:14 from Matt from the GOTO meeting I webinar 24:17 software and send it out on Twitter and I'm gonna send it out to somebody 24:20 specifically 24:21 there will be very little few people on this so you'll get to ask a lot of 24:25 questions 24:26 ill be live again next Thursday so 24:29 last 30 seconds that's kinda do a summary I have everything and and and 24:33 that spring up 24:34 and the have the questions again 24:38 I just kinda recap achieved what the truth is in the pudding is the marketing 24:42 1 24:42 truth that let me write that down truth truth 24:46 in putting II and then basically is show 24:50 so how do you know the perfect website number one 24:54 I going to my screen from a design standpoint know they sell 24:58 brand brand driven so if you bring up my screen 25:02 pay attention to the details know this out the brand the exploration the 25:06 immersion 25:06 your the method actor you really knowing if you don't know your client 25:10 get another product if you're not using it if you just designing you're 25:13 designing it 25:14 you shouldn't be designing it shouldn't be working on the dunno their own period 25:17 no no 25:18 they can tell you're not interested in my product well I don't you work on it 25:21 and number two from 25:24 a business standpoint from a business standpoint what makes a perfect 25:29 by know the user 25:32 know it by user ask them what they want I've been asking you for a year what you 25:37 guys want for the show 25:38 and adapting and adopting and adapting that's how you do it 25:42 number two from a marketing at number three is i three 25:45 from a marketing standpoint from a marketing standpoint what is a perfect 25:47 web-site 25:48 marketing standpoint the truth 25:51 is in the pudding show the stop in actually know what 25:55 keep this light up I modify it show on the net 25:59 in the Ecco system 26:03 share basically your story in the eco-system hopefully that's close enough 26:07 to his bike a system 26:09 it's not just on your site think the whole thing if your web designer think 26:12 the whole thing 26:13 finally finally final last but not least 26:16 the question from a technology standpoint from 26:20 prime a a more and what we call it at Dorking is that the there a or keys or 26:26 yep used the right guns don't come into a night party with bazookas 26:31 you sad to always use agile if you don't use agile you know when I doubt is 26:35 you're gonna find out by during the show in the next six months we're going to be 26:38 doing some awesome sup 26:39 finally I love you have been a voting online the fair 26:43 you have my screen you can see that where doing t-shirts and stickers that 26:47 were being to be given away 26:48 at doing some 11 outreach which teacher wins you been as seen it on a 26:54 and Twitter and the that and the Facebook here 26:57 and with it option between the logo or evil flaky Dorking I'm not just 27:02 and guess what at the local one lol yeah people are asking him to the logo 27:07 I'm you guys tell me where you think you still have time to vote 27:10 at the end of the show you know what we're going to the local one of the 27:13 first one 27:14 and we'll let you know I once they get here and how we're going to actually 27:18 give away X enter a 27:19 I just participate alright to finally end the last that two minutes so we have 27:23 who had greed greed greed 27:27 a minute before we going to Q a I wanna thank you I 27:30 you great all year thank you for for for your contribution from this year 27:34 funnest half an hour my way I me to join as 27:37 next week again live at two thirty pacific on the west coast 5:30 Easter 27:42 at incent us by thirty eastern and Central America 27:47 and four friends in Australia's 10:30 in your time zone 10:30 a.m. 27:52 we love you Australia we have a lot of great people we hope to see you there 27:55 soon 27:56 I we look forward again had to having you next week 27:59 at and every week at 2:30 when I 28:02 you watchers work stick around for live 28:06 feedback your day

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