May 24, 2014

Web Design - How to Build Your Personal Brand

0:00 today's episode of this week in web design is brought to you by for failure 0:04 versity 0:05 offering immersive 0:06 fast-paced degree programs 0:08 both on campus and online 0:10 designed for the needs of today's technology media industry 0:13 for more information visit for sale dot eighty you slash this week in 0:20 tday how do you build your personal brand 0:23 if you've got yourself that question how do you do that we're gonna help to 0:25 challenge the define her personal brand stick around 0:29 and watches work 0:39 yet many of the senate voted him in a cm tall it esu you know what it was that it 0:43 is 0:44 predictable 0:45 something coming up their and it was a sicko yet she for the patient officer of 0:49 the school joining me every week ari chemo and ladies and gentlemen you're to 0:52 my left 0:53 and also to attend a lucy 0:55 uh... who is our lead coach 0:57 uh... i freelancer so have the wrong title card their tests and free 1:01 space lines jupe dick just called me just in the vicinity of us here in betar 1:06 uh... anyhow at 1:09 and i'll tell you guys in 1:10 something that is the first time when power elite allies rhino at the picnic 1:14 for lunch i'm exhausted and sick 1:16 you got done with mary can i get sick to you know did you get sick 1:19 uh... grief okay 1:22 but w future at some point simply you've been joined so what he has anything 1:26 how can you quickly uh... catch me up artist working a lot of stuff at the 1:30 same time km like crazy 1:36 uh... mobile 1:36 molter maintains and we're an inch of the up a bit of rights again today were 1:41 to ask the question how do you define and build your personal brand 1:44 if your watches for this first time would not another tutorial show we 1:48 archipelago daily show for designer for you know whatever you want to call it 1:52 would help if seller at your web design career by sharing with you the creative 1:55 business technology and marketing 1:58 secrets from i guess experts 2:00 uh... you're looking for tutorials you can find some either on the net dot com 2:03 uh... team tree house how interactive all of those links are below in the u 2:07 tubes in connection with the does 2:09 uh... resources 2:10 let's get started so to tell you i did emerge conference last week which was 2:15 amazing we had a hundred women 2:16 uh... who came here in the most serious um... and it was a pretty acting fermion 2:23 uh... i_d_ it's it it went beyond my expectations as to what we were going to 2:27 be able to accomplish and i'm really excited and if you guys 2:30 uh... what you're 2:32 experience was go ahead and leave your comments below you to review where the 2:34 merch conference was your experience 2:37 alice's really amazed by the intention in dynamic category able to go 2:40 three too you know with each other as a team and also with everybody that 2:44 attended 2:45 it was really a collaboration in a partnership with everybody dot was 2:48 present which is really something that we stand for 2:51 it was a co creation the answer send it back to you haven't met him yet but i've 2:55 read uh... the survey and people simply 2:58 any other courts all the things that we can improve 3:00 uh... are always there and they're always a great so we're very grateful to 3:03 those of you filled out the survey for the march conference 3:06 but one of things that people talk about it it was very interactive there's one 3:09 woman said that if felt like oprah 3:11 or dr phil like where people you know we're walking around and it was not the 3:15 usual experience of sitting there listening to right sock 3:18 uh... sellers will because what we did and sister tell all that on internal 3:21 ritu regain sweeping sickly had a combination off panel discussions 3:26 with analysts 3:27 but then we also we open it up to the audience and to engage with the 3:30 panelists and alice 3:32 uh... we also had workshops 3:34 which should we lead and then again it was a lot of engagement uh... across the 3:39 audience with each other 3:40 to work on that workshops analysts really there was a lot of participation 3:44 so what we're going to today the x_-rays were going into today's the first 3:47 exercise in the school s in the trinity 3:50 and if you guys are members of the school or if you've been curious in 3:53 looking at the school i had to go to the school rockstar com in the registration 3:56 section there is a post so they can download and you'll notice that the 4:00 first three uh... exercises are one mid number one 4:03 is brand definition defining yourself 4:05 uh... and whether you're doing a for a business or we're here in this case tuna 4:08 for yourself it's important 4:10 and the question becomes 4:12 what you want to do with it why redefine your personal brand verses a company 4:15 worse is you know 4:17 we are in your experience 4:18 you are 4:19 first of all the talk about what brand means each of us what is brand mean to 4:22 you 4:24 x_-wing 4:26 so this is the idea that use 4:34 like for 4:37 it's kind of like the forty books 4:40 so the emotional response and and and and maybe you feel like you need to get 4:44 off the couch 4:44 that's what i feel that i have an anti-semite 4:47 with brandy 4:48 tumi brenda's phase it it's just a scaled version of what it means for when 4:52 i a m individually bounce a scaling up into a bigger structure like lexi of 4:56 business for example inc 4:58 so it's like a s a super me brave it's a super version of me in a larger scale 5:02 then it's all about my values my philosophy is what it is that i stand 5:06 for 5:07 uh... and how i represent myself with those values 5:11 interested so what you're saying is in what i'm here is that it in order to be 5:14 able to first manifest 5:16 who you are your idea with your business or whether you're in individual 5:19 and or to be able to that project that 5:21 lose that big a number of people the first step is really to define it 5:24 right so a lot of people kind of look into it and there's no definition 5:27 there's no there there mister its 5:29 uh... to really work with and i see this a lot of specially incorporate uh... 5:33 settings where you might be doing web project reminding in new initiative 5:36 and the first issue becomes apparent what is it 5:39 and then you go back into what their business goals are we need to do x_y_z_ 5:43 but that's just really the business course that's not int 5:46 there's a how you're gonna do it that said that while you're doing it 5:50 that's simply the result of what you're doing soda with that corporate america 5:53 and and and media as a general kind of uh... 5:57 s twenty s sentry citizens now in the twenty-first century 6:00 we end up actually 6:02 not be able to start simply because we're really looking at 6:05 what we want like for example i wanna know this is his own make money 6:09 which is the stupidest thing and i will also be said 6:11 you know you want to build a business because 6:13 you know uh... look at many of the politics of it 6:17 what do you do to define your brand and before this crap i've 6:20 the exercise or about to do 6:22 uh... you've got it you've been teaching it announcer here on-air 6:26 you can describe what you think it is 6:28 for me like hell identify myself so when i want to go with the exercises 6:32 miniatures ride so the brain as abuse exercise is really all about to 6:35 declaring were first creating clarity and define what the essence as the 6:41 philosophy in the valley's that the thai in generating threw myself in in how i 6:45 scaling up in into 6:47 uh... through the structure of a brand so we're going to be going through you 6:51 know what what what is it in general what's the culture that i see myself 6:54 creating what is the personality the voice that he used to represent myself 7:00 uh... who are mines users who starred in center i want to work with 7:05 how do i make them feel 7:07 and do what is it that i actually tangibly help them do 7:11 awesome so it's like when p_r_ people said that what where why and who 7:15 that's what it is basically talking about who r u in it and it's academic 7:19 attitudes meaning you're describing the senior words 7:22 and the end result and i have it here in front of me 7:24 uh... even uh... and you guys all have seen this if you go to the school rocks 7:27 dot com you can actually download the same exact worksheet that we're working 7:30 on 7:31 uh... again the school rocks dot com 7:33 uh... it has it there 7:34 but then the result is a statement you can call it a brand same and you can 7:37 call it a comeback in color value proposition 7:40 to put up a legit 7:41 uh... but about a couple of its tough value proposition relative to and that 7:45 if there is an exercise it doesn't 7:47 it better proposition in at proposition 7:53 at the ballot propositions that last thing 7:55 which is when you get that momentum 7:56 mhm and it's called the vet it's called value that methodical value 8:00 uh... but the ideal comes from uh... 8:03 yet to be honest with you and i accept leeway learn the exercise 8:06 i know i learned that when i was a race efficiency years ago so it's gonna 8:10 you'd have to be uh... 8:11 in the mysterious ether uh... but it's an extremely effective way of really 8:15 define that an ambiguity in the results and what i mean by that is that if you 8:18 sit ten people in a room 8:20 you're going to not be able to come up with the statement eastern and we try to 8:23 come up with the yet 8:24 you're not brings the right ok less 8:26 you do a statement your statement it is that malice reconcile the statement is a 8:30 complicated right beside him begin each consulates is doing is they're talking 8:34 about it 8:34 so what we want to do is we want to spend the next twenty minutes of our 8:37 show 8:38 define you 8:39 mhm you as an individual and if it pertains to 8:42 the group here right 8:43 how we interact together your brand 8:45 as it pertains to school and potential our relation 8:48 uh... are you're participating as an observer knowing her and kind of giving 8:52 your input on what you feel 8:54 shias and you've done is exercising you do it on your project sometimes the 8:57 internet 8:58 so-so let's get started in less than the general colin suggest sounds like a 9:01 warm-up 9:02 so that that i know you have it on your screen and and uh... doing i'm going to 9:06 bring it up on her screen 9:08 s you're watching this just watch is how we do it 9:10 and the rules are you can say anything 9:12 you can of quantity over quality means as much as possible and have fun only 9:17 participate is actually uh... the the 9:19 febrile 9:20 so participate say anything and have fun 9:22 so to tell you lead you lead us into this uh... start out one word to 9:25 describe strength so if it's with the general colin what i prolly basis away 9:30 for starting with a brainstorming session and get it all down so the thing 9:33 that comes to minus it in this case is all about 9:36 and we working me working with women 9:38 okay with you i would say women the i would say driven 9:41 is where the describes you as a general attribute are you hoping to get tough 9:45 and takes a big thing coupon i got up and take 9:48 and we have kathy uh... former senate district here in the studio with us 9:52 uh... you can also send an analogy all retail yours out if you how would he 9:55 describes from eating her today 9:57 how would you describe her 10:00 uh... driven so you can't copy my into focus the focused 10:04 you can but they are aware eddie hack 10:06 so focused inspiring inspiring 10:11 powerful qualities were powerful 10:13 uh... freshly it's when you approach 10:16 creative 10:18 carrying a knife alan thank you kathleen 10:21 and noticed one thing i do when i'm moderating as i was thinking 10:24 moon thank you i i was awesome really good idea encouraging the rhythm you get 10:28 people going to get pumped up 10:29 the worst thing you can get sectors in particular back to me and i'm not i'm 10:32 ranting 10:33 um... the worst thing you can do in this exercise and i had somebody do this 10:36 moderating uh... nonprofit that i was 10:38 it subject with the audience 10:40 like if you object to the audience correct then that is that dumbest thing 10:44 you can kind of shocked and they're not initiative and they will contribute 10:46 right here the smartest and the room 10:49 don't be and the whole purpose of this is to actually create a collaborative 10:52 setup where everybody feels comfortable 10:55 sharing and throwing out their ideas 10:57 you know that the strategy is actually could you come up with this team and 11:00 young yes you could 11:02 doing it in the group now gives all of us buying into who you are turning so 11:07 now we're actually won that adds insult to two p div p 11:10 uh... norfolk 11:11 now we're participants agreed that you are a great sense and that's important 11:14 when you're building a brand 11:16 you want people to be part of it 11:18 measurement of that era everybody's participate in the brown specially 11:21 haters on utube made the purchase of hand 11:24 all right so if you don't know what else 11:25 i would say pioneering 11:27 pioneering 11:28 i like that that's from the point of view and we need to time each column 11:31 so that way one business three forty four and six 11:34 as three forty four 11:38 two minutes com 11:38 right so if you could be the first half of the day 11:41 so 11:42 lets a few more that column program 11:45 it's about also empowerment 11:47 you know it's not just about me but it's what i'm doing raid whatever see myself 11:50 doing so i would call it empowering occurring honors and i like that 11:54 and parents right 11:57 change 11:58 that's only one 11:59 changes the world in one of the world to it 12:02 uh... 12:02 in your creative visit there 12:05 creative 12:06 round has already there you reasons that it by another word for creative and 12:10 passionate maybe 12:14 you're evil 12:15 ya based on your feet assessment and amid the good that the other party will 12:18 be confusing 12:20 the suspect at the quantitative i'd like to get things done what does that mean 12:24 answering results oriented agreements at the time they really driven committed 12:28 undisciplined disciplinary use wisdom is you know just said so 12:33 so yeah there's also has to go 12:35 i think is a good listener started you wonder how did you have a group of five 12:38 or more you're probably getting it like uh... met least thirty in a column 12:42 so what i mean once an x_-ray culture 12:45 six-point culture how do you understand culture 12:47 well the culture is really bad too which anne wants to create 12:52 not just threw me what is that i stand for but with everybody that apartment 12:55 especially to brand that i want to build 12:58 and you know what's the culture dot i stand for yellow exactly what we could 13:01 be done you and what other things the way that i explain this xmas part 13:05 distributor column is that you are who made you 13:07 so it would that means is uh... uh... is that you are your parents you are your 13:12 community you are what you believe 13:15 and so for example uh... apple when they were in the seventies that fighting 13:19 maybe and they had pirate flag you know fine over there 13:22 and it was argument where they were fighting added those by rebellion in 13:26 culture was a rebellious culture than a lot of classical churn 13:29 so who makes you who you are is the them hall of your community 13:34 the whole of the people around you right 13:36 was an excessive had yelled but also i'm gonna say sometimes 13:41 when i say to people when they get to this columnist think of the cold to 13:44 study of working and what did you like about and how what kind of culture would 13:47 you create a few market leader off that companies are like that you know so-so 13:51 inclusive uh... yes no and other people are used by the way between them off and 13:56 take yet 13:57 uh... i would say that your lab and collaborative 14:01 ek again creative 14:03 discipline we both went to our technology design which 14:07 as i'd let me call as a not design school and that's what uh... the 14:11 nickname where it is and 14:13 uh... 14:15 here are some element of it 14:16 i was very disciplined school 14:19 it was a lifestyle there was a lifesaver blocking it 14:21 do you live in were u 14:23 are who you are and and and then as accurately what is that it's 14:28 that's like final immersion excellence 14:30 commitment to excellence except that sounds like it's like the raiders 14:33 generators and uh... it 14:36 you don't know enough probably to but you've seen them since we've seen an act 14:40 that here what he's saying her culture is our is going to be which i think it's 14:43 very uh... like not top down like very 14:46 akong flap pay 14:48 bad publicity great black granite police flat including inclusive is is mandatory 14:54 isn't sonam but there's more powerful are more work to strengthen us incidents 14:58 on the line uh... empathetic sympathetic like that uh... 15:03 with the word for that when you're suspicious it's dead leadership in a 15:06 circle verses and trying not provide keiko reasonably leading children stand 15:10 for an answer 15:12 who co-op 15:13 so what would be your culture if you're doing this access via uh... riley child 15:17 has died 15:18 view that's crazy man 15:20 evangelistic center 15:23 here but as well and i was listening to you and i think it's on sale at i'm 15:27 actually going to say in a my condolences to the family and you know i 15:30 actually had some sympathy than it looks like on the kind of person so i think 15:35 something great for latin america which is really stand all right let's move on 15:38 the others like black jackson white red yellow black brothers i got out of the 15:43 show breyer has ended 15:44 but your culture is that uh... you in that case and comes with you 15:48 you know your cultures where europeans and as a whole heritage that comes with 15:52 that 15:52 rank making sure that we acknowledge that 15:55 uh... because it makes you for your 15:57 right and it makes me who it was a lamb today but it also was my glass ceiling 16:01 to things that i mean its location and a powerful kind i guess i like that and i 16:05 think we need to be able to um... distinct 16:08 you know distinguish artistic well we need to be able to distinct between when 16:12 is a pic when is it actually an 16:14 beneficial dedhia exactly uh... can share the same thing say well let's say 16:18 you know 16:19 i call a little man syndrome like when you feel you're not 16:22 you know and i for supplying it and i think that that's the best another look 16:26 a lot of names for that and i think it's more of a broad spectrum of things that 16:29 may have less to do with 16:30 who you are culturally and where you come from but that's a sometimes at the 16:34 root of it make ah... so mimi latino can be both a good thing or an adult 16:39 well and also i think it would us working with the charter eight you know 16:44 you definite happenings ones on there that is it weird but i think relates to 16:47 destruction and maybe that's a will be on sits on the kind of moral being rigid 16:50 about things and just really still structured 16:53 as a working with the u_s_ stephanie out maybe a more organic influent about 16:56 things 16:57 you know people don't know as a year competitive salsa dancer 17:00 well at humana basically denise is a prime competitions 17:04 what's up 17:05 with a professional dancers iraq 17:08 little thank you all right so where we have a culture uh... that was pretty bad 17:11 biotic analyzing because i think i've really caroline's people to think 17:15 differently 17:16 you know but the way it how i ask questions 17:18 elicits a culture of of 17:20 we really have changed but accuses transformation that's a violation and 17:24 outdoor concert restoration 17:26 uh... a culture of c ab of of the japan seeking the journey you know i mean bam 17:31 uh... 17:33 self increase of inquiry 17:36 of improving job consonant weldhead 17:39 development development in line like that 17:42 literature face future facing that's a good one too 17:45 innovative 17:46 innovative 17:47 to use the academicians 17:49 as it happens every night as much went 17:51 that that's it that's our that's our time right now yes votes 17:54 so the communities of interest or well 17:57 who are community around is interesting you know what it will how do you relate 18:00 to this one relative to the definition of it 18:03 well here is basically where i act everybody that i see myself working with 18:08 with this particular brand 18:10 so the women 18:11 or two people that we work with for right now will be bremen 18:14 so there's no question 18:15 you you said something with this person or brent 18:17 so this is an issue that this is an incarnation of you this specific to this 18:21 instance 18:22 or are you trying to do you as a whole 18:24 the site when i did this exercise myself guided me as a whole 18:28 and that i have my hand to everyone and 18:31 moving forward that right 18:33 i don't i i don't know how to answer that question i know because the way i 18:36 see it as i see myself in stages of development and the first stage of 18:40 developing this brand 18:41 requires me to work with women down the road after i have a stab leashes 18:45 structure i can i can't see myself opening up to both men and women so so 18:50 it was so great is less 18:52 about the brand or are you bean about working only with women but that it's 18:56 the inception point where you're starting right so senate and is a good 19:00 one mr with yourself and so if you're in a community moves you could relate to 19:03 most 19:04 right um... and then you move on to a broader community has totally fine right 19:08 uh... and its there's no right around this thing with shift over time you can 19:11 we do this every year six months is going to do that 19:14 kong organic document has learned as a living doctor and have something 19:17 important medium is the clients and let the client now that this is something 19:20 that's going to change 19:21 over time you know one its early 19:23 nothing a seven star the sentence on the salsa permission to say anything 19:27 and people don't want it this all this is on our website oh my god 19:30 and what you should tell what i tell them as this is an internal document 19:33 this will not go on our website honestly do version of it mean 19:36 decide its character 19:39 sunscreen weather so are you feeling okay for me to put it 19:42 women on their users parental unit so that uh... women 19:47 and now i can define them a little bit what that means he also are narrow strip 19:51 an aerial 19:52 seeking also begin their your culture 19:56 an enormous boeing despotism a direct clearly showing integral damn the french 20:01 platter that may not so difficult to get some friends m 20:05 i don't know if i friend about uh... anne and i think a lot of women that 20:10 really resonate within your career switchers career switches dot the holy 20:13 spirit up 20:16 career sister 20:17 but but but in transition as anything but i i would say just from the the the 20:21 little bit of time that i spent a few uh... 20:24 uh... at merchant out here 20:26 you're very out going in your area you're very uh... how would you say you 20:30 when you know you want you to move forward you want something you move 20:33 forward send 20:34 that's that 20:36 you get it you've aggressive that's a good one 20:38 addresses line gets an action chacha chachi turnpike that action action 20:44 but residency there were two 20:45 aggressive is not intended or work i'd like to address thank you 20:48 driven is a good one 20:50 debt driven women who were driven 20:56 or other words seeking 20:58 seeking alike seeking 20:59 again just throw them out there that you can say anything are you go freestyle 21:03 and janik energetic may be overwhelmed 21:07 yeah overwhelmed that's that's one that's interesting 21:10 media focus orchestra 21:12 use independent that's a good one let alone a lot 21:17 how would you describe yourself as a relates to your past 21:21 they're very experienced 21:23 meaning that there is a huge foundation even if it might be in something else 21:27 skilled 21:28 knowledge big eligible 21:29 and and and sixty percent was dorky by the radar kipling 21:32 uh... obviously we look at the survey 21:34 me every technically oriented so technical renditions important 21:37 that's important to understand because that means that you're gonna need to 21:40 to be less technically are ranked 21:42 and so that gives you already some ever sit down and uh... creation of the 21:46 renting out my relationship with you is very similar 21:48 since you're you're you're people your people your less technical 21:51 ramp back but still continue to flow more this is something that you need to 21:55 do with your what was his background f_e_c_ 21:59 all right so i love that is that this is a good common would add micah because 22:02 you want and that's what some sort of exile personality 22:05 so that so how do you understand so well to me just instances the personality of 22:10 how i would like bothersome interact with me sick and me being the leader now 22:13 actually you know the person who's creating my own brand 22:17 this is how i've even 22:18 would like to interact with others 22:21 i i'd like to be diplomatic graceful dresser personalities and personalities 22:25 diplomatic you know your your 22:27 yes regular years younger 22:29 uh... nazi personality who really can describe it is like a few branson became 22:34 personally would be 22:36 man or woman would be over you know extroverted person i would be like 22:40 absolutely have the props i like that 22:43 so it's a if your browser person is that it's the uh... see a trip that the uh... 22:48 about that 22:49 so you are out of actually and i'm gonna institution 22:53 so that's good and 22:56 personal shal 22:57 um... 22:58 grand and then again in terms of her personality sent frantic 23:01 authentic 23:02 sincere sincere 23:04 uh... standing 23:05 jenni what sister like that that's a great extra of 23:11 amid 23:13 energetic 23:15 uh... 23:17 systematic letter word 23:19 uh... that supposed to be sister 23:21 and uh... i i'm saying systematic as an additional one 23:24 and that systematic might not be the right word but yeah fiercer methodically 23:29 go methodical i like alan 23:31 thank you think three things now required to take it 23:34 uh... 23:35 uh... mindful you remindful like the premier salad every day 23:39 know that i had a nice you on t_v_ may sometimes own learning brought me my 23:42 wife brought me some exercise i'm like everybody loves me they're bringing me 23:46 all these things as great 23:47 uh... never goes candy and the uh... 23:51 what else empowering although we had already loaded on the culture 23:55 inspiring 23:56 inspiring other hang you know what what i thought that march conference was 24:00 interesting names we've got a chance to do it 24:02 uh... when you're able to project 24:05 uh... most people come on stage in the received 24:08 into uh... the experience and then there's people who come in state and 24:12 project forward in the meantime northward 24:16 ten stand-up set in 24:18 you know and was interested i think is that that actually something that 24:20 changes so for example driven a college 24:23 and try to figure out what are the ways that uh... 24:26 what i do take advantage of your college experience her of your training and the 24:29 people that you're with 24:30 you know one of the things that i see a lot and you know this is as a release a 24:33 full sail university 24:34 uh... our sponsor red hair 24:37 uh... is that you get what you put into it so one of the things that i was so my 24:40 students power what i was teaching at university 24:43 uh... is that your input dictates route but 24:46 uh... a lot of people expect it ought to be output relative to someone else in 24:49 external 24:50 so for for for that type of training that you need to do a lot of what 24:55 we do on the show area very specifically what are you guys on the show said look 24:58 at our age which a purple 25:00 with him bringing up uh... are a few months sorry dot com but what about our 25:05 economic problems that and this is that a side note this is actually the point i 25:09 wanted to make 25:10 when you define how u behave in your college experience really determines 25:15 a lot of 25:15 what you get out of it and next week uh... on our full sail 25:19 uh... episode we're gonna be working on some basic sedation are but what i 25:22 wanted to show 25:23 was that 25:25 them click on a 25:26 maybe janelle rooms that spoon one 25:28 uh... 25:29 so if you're looking to if you're somebody who admires ari and i know a 25:33 lot of you really uh... liked his work and and 25:36 he's kind of a agreed at proxy for many of you out there 25:39 uh... if you want to be as bad ass is already one of the things is uh... 25:42 obvious at itself 25:44 so uh... you have to do it all you have to work and have to go to a good school 25:47 and i had an opportunity to uh... 25:49 tour the campus actually earlier this year 25:52 as pretty amazing uh... the type of skills that you get 25:56 all right now as a side note 25:58 let's move on continued to personality 26:00 uh... nine 26:01 that's gotten how do you make people feel how you make me feel 26:04 leukemia if you know 26:06 i think you know i think inspire people 26:09 inspired like that 26:10 and comfortable comfortable 26:14 inspired 26:15 another this is a little bit on the way i'm beyond personality i think we should 26:18 have feel 26:18 so it's important 26:19 how do we make you feel that's the benefits of the brand the benefits of 26:23 the idea 26:24 you know marshall 26:26 news that how you see that what are you 26:29 i mean the confusion 26:31 so this is called benefits regulate passion 26:34 passionate 26:35 so these are not quantifiable things 26:38 and 26:39 non-threatening 26:40 so safe is a good one 26:42 safe 26:43 uh... warm 26:45 excited excited 26:50 inspired knowledgeable 26:52 which is both quantitative and qualitative 26:55 uh... 26:57 and when you did this exercise of your client or with uh... group 27:00 try not to do by yourself to be granted even for you have a friend or two around 27:04 it 27:04 uh... don't worry about spelling 27:06 uh... knowledgeable uh... you know you make dual power 27:09 people feel like they're unhappy ability to meet confident 27:14 and uh... and smart 27:17 you know uh... the dialect smart 27:19 optimistic optimistic 27:22 and i think this is good enough as we should we want to know is that we can 27:25 depart decision 27:28 explain to me that i know how you feel about this one relative to benefits 27:32 rights and here is warm actually articulating what it is 27:36 that i 27:37 creek what is that i offer aunt i think one thing that i really do is i help 27:43 people create clarity 27:45 so clearly clarity about the question is whether that's 27:48 tangible and you can count on ur name 27:50 but i like it you know i idea i i how i hacked that issue i think more claire 27:54 usually put more clarity alexander don't know whether there's a 27:58 milstead at that point more isko more clarity scorn from you can qualify that 28:03 i don't know how but yes but uh... well i think a lot of two things that i do 28:06 they're actually abstract they're not tangible it's not so hits the streets of 28:10 one has to do with with 28:11 committee shin and talking about culture in mind that is what is this 28:15 you know indications right so that you know tandel 28:18 uh... creates better relationships again at some of these are kinda 28:21 it's okay let's just go further his 28:24 deeper depts adept you can't measure somehow moot 28:28 and i'm not sure how deep the soldiers but 28:31 that's a very uh... a succession question there 28:33 and having another thing is developing instruction a process you know um... 28:37 i like that what does that mean 28:41 step-by-step you know 28:42 step-by-step 28:44 tools step-by-step that flies in does processor to process 28:47 split process 28:49 that's that's quite often since lines to his rodriguez structure you'd like more 28:53 direction 28:55 i like that more directions that you are in 28:58 what would you want to get tangibly from fifth catholic 29:01 money time 29:02 the most 29:03 is the smallest column in every ek time with his ex-wife 29:06 time and money as usual people think 29:12 uh... 29:16 so what what uh... whatever he says that she likes a process was steps should i 29:19 take can help clarify that so the one too 29:22 before for the same yet 29:25 women to get overwhelmed and they see things that will uh... women and men 29:29 agar creative you have a tendency to see everything at the same time any kind of 29:33 shots you down that's why quantitative people aren't are like you see them 29:36 building these enterprises and 29:38 organizing things because it is about one two three four five 29:41 they're easier to clarify things that's interesting alike that a lot of january 29:44 he will 29:45 uh... your evil flaky play cable mckellen so you actually created and 29:50 able to do the one two three four zero murphy 29:52 person to know retail 29:54 s you're happy to assist with is a line of your brand even 29:58 so what i'm okay so let's just two days now let's go through and exercise 30:01 actually do the top five px or do you want to go for the top one read out that 30:04 that 30:05 i do any harm 30:06 uh... ice-covered reciprocal well at the top three 30:09 uh... then do wants is real quick so from the general column so than accept 30:13 that you do in this exercise 30:14 and you should be time in this 30:15 i do a thirty minutes eighty two minutes per column in the ninety two minutes for 30:19 calling ken 30:20 um... and then at the end 30:21 that lasted minutes as you want to get the last five in the last one 30:25 just for the sake of the time to go on the show we're going to the last three 30:27 so 30:28 the the top three for the first columnist bring up the first column 30:32 so to basically what ideas i call them out what your in general athletes are 30:36 women driven authentic focus inspiring 30:39 powerful 30:40 creative carrying pioneering empower change passion of the passion as one 30:45 by the three 30:46 uh... driven is another one too 30:49 so powerful passion up 30:51 driven passionate and a antic 30:53 which would go for five 30:55 do authentic 30:57 which it was really choose for yourself 30:59 um... this mammoth inspiring his flag okay great 31:03 so we had driven that china has driven authentic inspiring 31:07 passionate and one more 31:10 pioneering pioneer exile was once the next campaign 31:13 so that you do that with the team in its i cant pig option and that you're part 31:16 of boredom exchanges like or cupcakes for commodities we're going to 31:20 yet his column out so pat authentic 31:23 the cultures at at the campus of miss collaborative created inspirational 31:26 article summaries that 31:28 emergencies five only five vilified lambert iverson collaborative today what 31:32 thank you are a that's a great way 31:34 self-interest seated examiners always seeking cinema alike cold meeting 31:40 uh... like empathetic to from cultural standpoint 31:45 uh... like authentic 31:47 said yeah you can be either it's authentic collaborative 31:51 and pathetic 31:52 co leaving and seeking they'll megan you can go back anything changes as the rain 31:56 document you you don't have to stick to any of these uh... for now 31:59 i'm and they're all very much related 32:01 sought your your community is uh... women 32:04 entrepreneurial and the second one career switchers action in transition 32:07 dollars 32:08 cheese one between in transition and i can't resist america researchers 32:11 yet is in transition is a little bit more lyrical and more attitude best 32:15 so driven seeking energetic 32:17 intergenic yahoo well i think what i really like it i like to work with women 32:21 who are really driven action oriented program so put good driven women other 32:25 but the same 32:26 manager of india literally have women or entrepreneurial and 32:30 women in transition or entrepreneur i do not reply held prisoner driven uh... an 32:35 overwhelming one has a negative when the motivated uh... 32:39 so one two three four five impression is 32:42 why do you guys choose negative on what i would do 32:45 for overwhelmed is i would change it to focused 32:48 mhm and i would put it focused 32:50 so you don't highlight the negative yet she said this is uh... women who are in 32:54 transition were entrepreneurial and focus could is actually one of the uh... 32:58 tend to watch beats up 33:00 uh... overhear is that not up to assist select focuses that one too 33:05 three four five six oh six dash an article about secretary apartment six is 33:09 fine 33:09 now i i i would just sticks and carrots mfm uh... as break the rules 33:14 street personality i am personality tactful respectful authentic social 33:19 other social 33:22 uh... inspiring is an important one year 33:25 uh... genetic energetic is awesome or ape-like alike fears 33:29 and methodology met method method of particle alice methodically out 33:34 so ten cents an hour diesel fuel energetic 33:38 fears in the interests of our 33:40 rank 33:42 uh... yet either side 33:44 uh... so social methodology ita fears 33:48 uh... tomorrow and parenting is one that's great 33:51 inspiring and firing 33:53 two one two three four five 33:55 yeah wasn't buying 33:56 uh... already i a happy ending up here 33:59 and having people feel make them feel 34:02 uh... passionately and hired 34:04 you know 34:07 i think empowered to them for one 34:09 confident optimistic camp 34:11 uh... alright so now we tend to be help you 34:15 active more clarity process and structure it was a really good ones more 34:19 direct i wanted to be or 34:20 education approaching 34:21 uh... un restriction 34:24 the almost all the sort 34:40 building community did actually create was sold in the community exactly 34:44 so the last part of this exercise is already that time i read your score is 34:47 seven 34:48 so we're going to do this within an expectant okay great 34:51 so down the last time partial part of this is one of select one each call me 34:55 if you can't always choose one 34:56 that's highlighted first by making a red in the column accra ghana each of the 34:59 individual column so 35:01 uh... if you had to choose only one only one in each of these so pioneering 35:05 naca 35:06 uh... listening to read 35:08 and then are your culture coloring about that and whimsical leading 35:13 holiday cooperative kalina that wasn't diseases that you were to present 35:19 uh... are using your your community i would say if you have to choose one 35:24 more toward the end of the yeah probably 35:28 unprofor proper pre-marital whenever this her it's gone 35:39 yeah uh... 35:41 and you make people feel 35:45 everyone that you can do is say dari night passion cellular bill 35:51 and is it inspiration is one thing but that there 35:54 building passion 35:56 uh... confidence cellular 35:58 tangibly processes venture out that uh... that 36:00 so struggles of size aka 36:03 the way that this works if you look at it now and about what if resell this 36:06 even before we put into the mad libs style is that cuts down as a pioneer in 36:10 women's collaborative 36:11 and or it's apple unit four actually alot let's put it into that 36:15 into that 36:16 so provides we provide 36:18 coaching accused of pushing out on a holiday vacation citation 36:22 for for us this in the industry should sing it to entrepreneurs to 36:25 entrepreneurial women 36:27 cog that if you want to have a good book to the beginning 36:30 or entrepreneurs in general but let's just focused on women 36:35 uh... 36:36 within that you put in your culture collaborative which i think it will cost 36:39 about three 36:41 and 36:42 empowering 36:43 point of view 36:45 or 36:46 way into whatever it is the right straight back there in which 36:50 to help them and then you b uh... would seek require it increased our advances 36:54 in the salazar or you can get back receive it 36:57 uh... if you want it to you can't use the value-added benefits you have the 37:00 benefit the last okay if you want to go for now do it straight away that it is 37:03 so 37:04 what would be that we chose passion 37:07 you change your life doesn't fit 37:09 to help them become passionate 37:11 even now 37:13 prodding other word the at howard evidencing repeatedly shim 37:18 find their passion made 37:20 let's help them find their passion and 37:23 uh... 37:24 i think that the end of your will talk about the temple 37:27 the process in the structure is how you actually are coming up with that final 37:30 dredging 37:31 but achieving their goals is really tentatively with a tentative 37:35 so make the transition or achieve their goals they say and achieve their goals 37:38 that's the most part the fire 37:40 and you know i have a little more involved in room three 37:42 they come to you to come to the table and say here's what i want to do 37:45 how do i do it 37:46 kathy our experience you know you can't emerge you're here we're talking about 37:50 this how do we collectively work to achieve your goals 37:53 uh... together our goals collectively so that really documents about that bring 37:56 out the endgame 37:58 with readout even without me having to freeze out the tended honors tank so we 38:02 have 38:03 tatiana provides education to entrepreneur on women 38:07 in a collaborative fan empowering way 38:09 to help them find their passion and achieve their goals 38:13 that's awesome heinous is that like a great getting captain scott his issue 38:18 that's support as a units is at that point you act 38:23 and hard to come up that providing our customers we have identified 38:27 and i created while ready myself that the you know that i did a couple of 38:30 weeks rebuild the when they created by yourself so and 38:34 i did it for a disco made up that i created yet in on the school uh... 38:37 umbrella anzac all of the school for a position in women ok provides 38:41 educational coaching services to female entrepreneurs 38:45 in a collaboration and inspiring fashion to help them gain clarity in confidence 38:49 in creating meaningful and purposeful unlikely boom they're all very similar 38:53 and it's and it's right now is you it is even morgue that little bit more 38:56 distilled legislate sports an actor and i have been because we did a very 38:59 quickly did with the group in unit that did think that i had all those are two 39:02 words 39:03 don't make it simple making it easy now here's a question how can you do do that 39:07 for yourself either for your company for ed meister is though is that you if 39:10 you're a an independent individual if you're uh... freelancer or even have a 39:15 small company 39:16 usually 39:17 who you are reflects in your company you know uh... it's really important to 39:21 understand that it took me a long time outside the company was this kind of 39:24 separate entity 39:25 i hired a brand strategist super fancy process and they interviewed people 39:28 around me the interview my client spouse remains and see 39:32 and they plan to get back with the document was something 39:34 this is why into my eyes anthony i cannot separate knee and the grant 39:39 i am the brenda brenda i mean yes great dates its angered in in my essence and 39:43 my philosophies and values and that's exactly what a brand is and when people 39:47 get confused is not a logo 39:49 it is not the product 39:50 it is not the business the brand is the essence is the spirit 39:54 you don't define 39:56 that's gonna emanate what's good emanate from there is going to be the products 39:59 the brighton identity everything else is gonna come from that's when you're 40:02 deciding that entity if he said that you were passionate you have like a 40:06 gray and black identity you probably haven't covers passionately so that you 40:10 need to be conquering with whatever the attributes are 40:13 what i do want and designing for clients or and even for the school 40:16 is that you take the attributes and then you say what colors over these 40:19 attributes what fonts go with these attributes what is the product as it 40:23 relates to these attributes and of course this to other exercises after 40:26 this a really help one is building you know you served 40:29 or customer profiles a community profiles 40:32 and the next one is 40:33 uh... doing the goals one of the ject is that you have lesson organization trying 40:37 to match those with your community 40:38 uh... or that you have as an individual 40:40 how can people learn this stuff up but the guy that he has so next tuesday on 40:45 march nineteenth we're going to be doing a presentation of c_n_n_ you dehradun 40:48 presentation 40:49 with ga by the german american business association it specifically for women in 40:53 business and women who would like to go into business 40:56 and now we're going to go through this exercise to user profiling bring out the 41:00 website uh... if you want to register et cetera then right with the euro 41:04 actually it's a really funky your alpha easiest ways to just follow us on the 41:08 larry king live governor wilson and out of the output of the school rocks dot 41:11 com 41:12 will actually have a link for you 41:14 uh... to the gavel advantage irm in american missus uh... station in 41:17 partnership with filter digital 41:19 which is an amazing digital 41:21 uh... agency and uh... and uh... resource 41:25 uh... resource uh... resource reasons for you 41:28 if you're looking to do digital projects would be you extra development or design 41:31 uh... filters a great place for you to go 41:33 for that filter digital dot com and we're actually offering a ten dollar 41:37 discount code so 41:39 people lecture 41:41 yes forgive the watch a show and for two women who would like to go to the copy 41:44 event on march nineteenth so it should be within its own is wearing a face like 41:48 of f 41:49 so it looked to the school rucksack on what you have it out for you to come 41:52 there 41:52 so this is going to step in what you think to several quick 41:57 history 41:59 worth it 42:01 he say 42:03 uh... it's again it's a look at 42:05 no stress or travis i was really important 42:08 what it does is that it did organically added a collaboratively 42:11 uh... i've done this with hundreds of clients over and over and over the last 42:14 sixteen years uh... and you know i saved as i practice it more and more i 42:18 realized 42:19 this could work for anything one guy one of its cool workshops that i think this 42:22 is for dating 42:23 um... the lecture is a writer you are 42:26 i think its funding signs are out there so it's really fun and screen if any 42:29 kisi 42:33 writing the biggest thing isn't form 42:34 is that it's collaborative look you can't just blurt out anything that you 42:37 want 42:38 universe and servings 42:40 i mean i think it just gets everybody in the same page thank you said earlier and 42:43 it kinda 42:46 decision making process as opposed to being told to be told voted for it 42:50 so if you have the question of how do i actually the creative team in a team to 42:53 actually execute on an idea that i might have 42:56 or on your business or you're a manager at a corporation and you want to make 42:59 sure that you're getting all your people to be involved in to fill their part of 43:02 that here so secret 43:04 action actually make them part of it you know fabric is a bit and it's all just 43:07 moderating something like this and iraqi coaching our company's to do this large 43:12 corporations see uses exercised 43:14 to align the projects 43:16 i think the key term is engaged 43:17 indeed you know i tell being engaged with this process everyone is being 43:21 engaged 43:22 i love that well 43:23 that brings us to the end of our show and i hope that we answer the question 43:26 if i saw this process of building a personal friend i yet but i had done 43:29 done done you're killing me without even 43:31 fish in the shop 43:32 and i a well say will msn it now but i'll say i wouldn't do an essentially 43:36 when watches work in them that uh... with that 43:38 uh... the idea of uh... uh... 43:41 do in this process to define what you do and then define your community than the 43:45 fighting 43:45 you know what your goals and having the slime 43:47 uh... you see them in the past in uh... episodes twenty two two 43:51 uh... twenty seven or so this week and web design of the school i would do in 43:55 and now individuals with the child or a person 43:59 whether to continue doing this next week john s planned 44:01 uh... we are going to be working with uh... full sail 44:04 on a really interesting uh... episode and kapila asi specifically what would 44:08 you want to know about html 44:09 and to be a real a basic introduction to a child for anyone 44:12 who is looking to understand the language into nobody extra dollars 44:16 join us again over the last thing its face book to look below and follow us on 44:20 face book like the school 44:22 on face book follow tatiana follow ari their twitter sir below and monitors 44:27 below ask us any questions you might have 44:29 here on you too 44:30 uh... or if you watch as an itunes come to you too 44:33 and make sure that you ask his questions because the content on the show's 44:36 created by you 44:37 uh... and again 44:38 thank you for watching today join us next week 44:40 when you watch us work 44:43 known 44:44 harm 44:46 or 44:47 how are

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