June 22, 2014

How to Pitch an Angel Investor

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A video presentation I put together that outlines the slide presentation format I use when pitching investors. Hardly a professional quality presentation, but maybe there's a nugget of wisdom in there you can use. Enjoy.

0:00 maybe everybody concerned Jeff with mixed are 0:03 on trial something different today 0:06 am on experimenting with a software product called 0:09 I show you and its something you can use to 0:14 I'm can record live presentations really live anything on your screen I'm using 0:20 it for the presentation but 0:21 we'll see how it goes I'm probably a little behind on using 0:26 video come as a marketing tool 0:30 but what the heck better late than never so 0:34 and as so you know I tend to use I make startup disk on a sandbox to play around 0:39 with it 0:40 on different things and I use in my actual businesses 0:44 and so as we're doing here so today I'm gonna walking through a presentation 0:49 on the very very quickly slapped together here but it's going to 0:53 custom you through the different things that I hit on and you're right it on 0:58 them 0:58 when I'm pitching investors so there are a lot of different resources online 1:04 are different people different opinions tell you how to pitch investors what a 1:08 good presentation looks like 1:09 I've I've got down here too 1:13 I think a slides on and it just what I use 1:17 trade so it works for me pretty well on my 1:20 I'm use this format him hundreds of different 1:24 BC you need to investor pitches 1:27 and I find it works well for me on Guy Kawasaki has been fairly famous 1:33 formula under 10 20 30 which i think is tense lines twenty minutes 1:39 thirty-point fund I'm I've got to rate this is obviously a little bit different 1:43 from 1:44 you know you can read research these things and decide what makes most sense 1:48 for you 1:49 but I'm in any case I'll give starters will slide 1 1:53 on is really the elevator 1:56 slide and this is the slide where you kind of remind 2:00 the investor why the angry take meeting on 2:04 your thing to keep in mind is just because 2:07 somebody agrees to meet with you does not necessarily mean that Donahoe 2:11 research prior to them walking into the same room where you are 2:15 so this slide is really designed to 2:20 give them the pitch got you the meeting in the first place 2:23 again on so who are you what you doing why should I care 2:27 very high level on the day need to 2:31 be reminded what it is that you do and why are they bothered to you tonight 2:36 first post last light one 2:38 on slide to manage is the 2:42 WTF do you do slide and so the 2:45 the idea here is to identify the problem that you have seen in the marketplace 2:49 and the problem that you're going to solve in marketplace and really 2:54 the idea is not only an assignment problem but then what is the opportunity 2:57 if you fix it I am so 3:01 use yours on hot dogs in you 3:04 the probably identifiers authors no hot dog vendor at the corner and Thurston 3:09 Oak Street in Manhattan's be were a lot of people walk out looking for lunch 3:13 then you solve the problem by selling hot dogs location I obviously I don't 3:17 know what your business is so it's going to be a little bit different 3:20 up for everybody but but clearly stating what is the problem 3:25 on is important to do this long before you start talking about your product on 3:29 things like pencil is clearly state what the problem is 3:32 and what it's going to mean for people 3:35 once you I'm fixin the next slide and 3:38 is the does anyone care slide so this is how many people have that problem why do 3:43 they need it fixed why the 3:45 why do they need you to fix it I why hasn't been fixed before wired teasing 3:50 somebody else the picture or 3:51 if they are using somebody else or some other strategy 3:54 know what is it and how are you different I'm so again and we're not 3:59 talking really about your products specifically at this is simply be 4:03 you know what is the problem who has it and why do you need it fixed 4:08 I'm this is the these two slide to really we're going to frame 4:13 the ability for an investor to sort of get 4:16 why they care right why do they I don't need to invest in US because they 4:21 believe this problem exists 4:23 and they believe there's a lot of people that need to have their problems fixed 4:26 so that's 4:27 that's where we're at this stage the next slide then 4:30 I is a slight I call the are you making this crap up slide and this is where 4:35 you're going to talk about things you're already doing so if you have customers 4:40 is we're gonna start talking about case studies 4:43 on give examples anecdotes from investors love stories straight to your 4:47 gonna say I talk to so-and-so at this company 4:50 and they were really interested in our solution because it lacks 4:54 or if you are out there sewing product here's a guy that's using our products 4:58 here's how they're using it and here's what they said about 5:01 so if you have quotes your pictures are different things I am 5:05 this is really the the a you know turning 5:09 those first couple slides that debris talk to rock a problem into a tangible 5:13 reality for the investor solely 5:16 to you first presented what is the problem 5:19 who's got a problem now you're showing real world examples of how you can fix 5:22 that so if you are others on product 5:25 good what you want but here are quotes or anecdotes again 5:30 from people that you talked to Google you talked to dozens if not hundreds of 5:34 people about what your product and solutions going to be in the marketplace 5:37 and mastery and won't talk about 5:40 number this is where you want to talk about those conversations 5:43 on so the next slide and is okay let me see it 5:47 this is the product slide so curse on a product or service those were even talk 5:52 about it 5:52 one %uh the big mistakes that people make when ordering these pictures 5:57 loopy spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the product 6:03 you let me just stated clearly here when you're pitching investor 6:07 you're not pitching them on your product you were pitching man on your company 6:12 and its easy I think because you're so used out being out there talking to 6:17 customers in different people 6:18 about your product and that you immediately launch into product sales 6:23 Road 6:24 when you talk to and in an investor and that is a mistake 6:28 from you need to really limit is two minutes on this line is slight is not 6:34 any more important than any other slide people aren't interested in the bells 6:39 and whistles view product they wanna know again the market 6:42 but you're gonna do in that market how many people want 6:46 how to make money so the product is really only a means to an end 6:49 don't don't put in our pedestal 6:52 did it should be on then this is the sixth line is we explain your lemonade 6:58 stands slide so how do you actually make money 7:02 I am I can't tell you how many times I've seen people give presentations were 7:07 at the end it's not clear how they actually are going to make any money 7:11 even if you have something is very simple I build widgets I so would 7:15 the people people write a check to me for those widgets 7:18 just state right here I'm sometimes business models more complicated you 7:22 might have channel partners 7:24 resellers different things whoever it is you need to explain who the decision 7:30 makers are 7:31 who write you the check who use the product 7:34 and and simply how to check ends up in your bank account 7:37 very straightforward do yourself a favor and explain it investors are not left 7:43 scratching their heads at the end of the 7:45 presentation and finally and I'm on an almost finally slide 7 7:50 why should I believe you this is the team's slide different people will tell 7:53 you to put the team site first in the middle last 7:57 this is just how I do it almost last I am 8:00 the really viewed upfront presentation you wanna talk about whatever it is it's 8:05 going to be an investor 8:06 booked if you come to the table with a team that's made 8:10 billions of dollars for investors in the past by all means lead with that 8:15 I'm what I like to do is present the problems are shown you 8:19 show you how I'm gonna solve that problem and then wrap it all together 8:22 with the team that's going to execute that plan envisions a lapse 8:27 that's how I do it I'm obviously doing however you feel most comfortable with 8:31 the team is very important it's clearly more important than the products line 8:36 on so make sure you get in there and then finally 8:39 the real finally this time it's the you what do you want from me slide so tell 8:44 the investor if you wanna 8:46 a million dollars a hundred thousand dollars ten thousand dollars whatever it 8:50 is 8:51 tell what you need town are going to use it and Tom how they're going to get a 8:55 return on their investment 8:57 if you think you can I P own would just say it rate if you think your gonna be 9:00 acquired say that 9:02 I'm if you things are going to 9:05 produce a lot of profit and pay investors took profits 9:09 say that now anti-u_s_ are not going to work in the venture capital world but 9:13 again this presentation doesn't have to apply only they're so 9:19 Tom we need the money for how much you know how they're going to make money 9:22 you're trying to make them rich and you need to announce can work so again 9:26 on that soon hopefully this is helpful apologize for the 9:29 complete lack bedding in quality but what the heck given it a shot so any 9:33 questions 9:34 stop by Mick start-up and I'm happy to answer 9:38 see you banks

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