June 12, 2014

Message Map: How To Pitch Anything In 15 Seconds

Forbes Contributor Carmine Gallo tells you how to pitch anything in 15 seconds using a Message Map.
0:03 I show you how to pitch anything 0:06 in 15 seconds now we're going to do so with the help of a great too although 0:11 message map a message map is the visual display on your story 0:15 part 1 page so for this exercise are going to need a 0:19 notepad a tablet computer or good ol fashion whiteboard are also going to use 0:25 the example they 0:26 real company called lush luscious a PLO also 0:31 so I believe there in about 45 countries they make fantastic 0:34 handmade press so hot lemon sauce great 0:39 I don't have any financial interest in this company but I don't messaging 0:42 really really well I talk to the founders before 0:45 added order to create a really good message map you gotta know the story 0:49 so let's start with Step 1 creating 0:52 what I call a Twitter friendly headlight but when front we had like this the one 0:57 overarching message you're trying to communicate your customer the one thing 1:02 you want people to know about your brand for your product 1:06 I've already taken the liberty of filling this out lush makes 1:09 handmade soaps and cosmetics so again 1:13 based on my understanding and my understanding that the message 1:16 I think that's the one thing they want you to know lush makes 1:19 handmade soaps and cosmetics if that's all you know 1:23 it tells you a lot and it also fits well within 1:27 a Twitter post up to 140 characters so keep it short 1:30 but I'll us fill in the rest of the message that way 1:34 3 or at most for supporting points 1:37 so again day so when I understand the message in so far 1:40 I would say fresh is very important to them and we'll talk about that a sec 1:47 fresh the other some point for supporting point I would make 1:52 is environmentally and all short 1:56 environmentally friendly 2:00 and the third point is 2:03 ethical campaigns the support a lot of capital campaigns 2:09 globally 2:12 and then there's various communities where the locations are held 2:15 so lush makes handling soaps and cosmetics 2:19 there's to rate reinforcing ports their fresh 2:22 their environmentally friendly and they support ethical campaigns 2:26 now let's see how this will work out in the real world 2:29 are you stop watch for this let's assume hypothetically customer walks into a 2:34 lush store 2:35 a sales associate might say something like this: 2:38 hi welcome too much we may handmade soaps and cosmetics 2:43 everything you see the store is fresh guess environmentally friendly 2:48 and part of the proceeds go to support ethical campaigns in our community 2:52 take a look around enjoy yourself 15 seconds 2:59 is 15 seconds I gave you 3:02 the broad story if that's all you know about lush 3:06 this actually tells you quite a bit but also one step further 3:10 lesser extent the conversation someone may be less 30-second pitch: 3:15 you have to support these choice for a longer conversation 3:19 so under fresh you might add just a couple of bullet points 3:23 lie got manufacture daily shipped the next day 3:27 under environmentally friendly you can put something like 3:30 I'm package so that that plastic doesn't end up in landfills 3:35 or you might put ingredients not tested on animals 3:38 these so points the supporting points for each year three key messages 3:43 need to be very specific they need to be examples data statistics are even 3:47 stories 3:48 and other ethical campaigns you might at one or two out the in campaigns 3:53 that a lot brand supports either globally 3:56 or locally and communities so you know that this is a message map 4:00 it is a wonderful powerful tools in communication 4:03 it works each and every time even for very complex products a concept I know 4:09 because I've worked with leaders who have incredibly complex products to 4:13 to talk about her to sell in fact the more complex your product 4:17 the more you need that message back biggest you 4:21 absolute leader you need to communicate the benefits of your product in a way 4:24 that is simple 4:25 clear and concise the message now 4:28 is your winning take it

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