June 30, 2014

Robert Scoble Discusses Tech Trends In 2014 | Keen On

Andrew Keen and Robert Scoble talk about what will happen in 2014

0:00 was it so much 2014 and

0:05 go back to Attalla about the year to come

0:09 than the Amanda Silicon Valley

0:13 admires and lob and sometimes even allow Robert a

0:17 Scarborough almost welcome to 2014 what's gonna happen in 2014

0:22 well you expect and I'm gonna get you back in a year's time and get it rum

0:27 you are going to be humiliating I I think it's gonna be a world where both

0:31 the horrible wearable Wow do we buy an Apple i watch

0:35 word Google glass I think that's going to be a a major story

0:38 another major story does 4k TV or

0:42 Ultra HD have a chance another

0:46 story will be I'm is Apple finally

0:49 gonna take over the entire world media or as a

0:53 so we got three stories that let's go through them individually purse while

0:56 where both wearables more wearables

0:59 now it 2014 gonna be the year where I know you're the crazy guy with a couple

1:04 glasses but they're not ready yet for ordinary mortals like

1:07 myself now I I think this is gonna need it

1:11 cooking time 2014 at the gonna be ready it'll be ready you could buy it in 2014

1:16 I i just don't think it's going to be the kind of thing my dad's gonna buy

1:20 I'm right away I think it's going to take a nap 34

1:24 five years before most people in society wanna wear something on their base

1:28 that does smart computing some although I

1:32 in the one we got the material for a powerful well in vertical so it's gonna

1:36 happen faster a Oakley ski goggles that have a little

1:39 computer and I'm from recon instruments those are pretty cool

1:43 and and I if your gonna buy ski goggle the country are

1:46 that the dollar's why not buy one that has a a sensor to show you where your

1:50 kids are on the mountain

1:51 show you where you are on the mound show you how fast you going and what your

1:55 hang time on your jumps are

1:56 I why not get smarter glass like that so wearables a parade in 2014 yep

2:02 you're saying television's going to get blown up finally in 2014

2:05 well you mean the HT we're already seeing

2:08 where everything a trend where the the cord cutting Tran

2:12 or getting rid of the cable company going I

2:15 getting your TV on an iPad or happen in 2013

2:19 it it started to but is

2:23 I know Apple's working on a TV pride set-top box

2:27 what kinda back will they have been the market

2:30 and they could have a deeper fact particularly as the industry really

2:34 starts to ring up for

2:35 this poultry ATRs sharper HD screen

2:39 which by the way even if I could afford one I

2:43  don't know that I can get content to it because content at four times the five

2:47  although he hasn't ended yet he had an interesting piece last week suggesting

2:51 that

2:52  Apple was way behind on TV Microsoft ahead

2:55 with the deck but the x box one only for two million

2:59  copies in the first weekend Apple felt a lot more than that but I'll try I gotta

3:04 have a fever and I was using it last weekend

3:06  and it's so annoying so clunky so attacking for me to say something like a

3:11 good gotta be seriously I pay

3:13 yep I agree with how we gonna see a a theory of apple pie

3:17 in TV in 20 we could they just bought a new we could get a guy and has yes or no

3:21  yes we're guessing yeah we're gonna see a new Apple TV

3:24 I just don't know that a physical like a no no no not not a glass

3:29 when I about the 24th service in a box that's gonna be a lot less clunky and a

3:34  lot more and

3:34 but even that interesting but what about that but when I'm gonna now but if Apple

3:38 Apple has the money

3:39  take find content the oath and get exclusive content go for like Netflix

3:44  did with the house to cart

3:45  if Apple does that any for serious level

3:50  radically changes what we think about TV and that's your

3:53 that point you say Apple question in 2014 well Apple takeover of media

3:58  and in a way over I don't think they can but they're

4:02  they have the components on the table to really make

4:06 a serious changed how we think about me dnt be

4:09 I'm it's just does Tim Cook have how the

4:13 Pittsburgh do it is eager to spend some that 100

4:16 thirty billion dollars he has in the bank to go and buy

4:20 like AP by the NFL right and put it on his TV and took it away from the

4:25 the cable company and I would radically reshape what we think that the PBM

4:29 and radically work a lot of people to buy higher at Apple TV just couldn't

4:34 stay

4:35 has it stay up to date on word what about the the Gesu

4:39 I mean Google trying to do the same pain read Bible spin

4:43 I read a very interesting book about this coming

4:46 huge clash between Apple and Google is back in a feature more more in 2014 I

4:52 by between Google and Apple over who's going to be the dominant media company I

4:56 think so and

4:57 on where both right it's gonna be glass versus watch

5:00 and then Google but when labs which also has a large

5:04 so maybe Google's gonna come out with a win. labs watch

5:07 and a Google glass and go straight at Apple and see if they can I keep you

5:12 from buying the apple i watch

5:14 which Apple has a lot of advantages over Google because the stores in the

5:18 distribution

5:19 service and the brand that they have versus Google

5:22 but Google's gonna be a really in sync up next year

5:26 had pressed on on on the show earlier this year as well

5:30 and I asked him if Amazon could be applied at in this great day

5:34 can have them play in that in the same game as Apple and disclosure I work

5:38 Rackspace a competitive Amazon

5:40 i'ma science the the greatest competitor I've ever seen

5:44 very smartly run I am and so yes they are gonna be a player

5:49 no matter what they understand my buying behaviour

5:52 far deeper level anybody of any other retailer any other

5:56 thats and their all they have to do is continue building on that knowledge

6:00 and they're gonna win gonna have with Microsoft in 2014

6:04 I'm you see how well a new CEO I we're gonna be

6:08 way to feed as he unleashed innovation inside

6:12 that possible and Microsoft on a mission about I think so

6:15 you know they're still so many you're a guy you know that I had a better than

6:18 any

6:19  why its been seven years since I worked there but there are still so many in my

6:23 friends and so many smart people there

6:25 and they have such a deep research bench with R&D labs there

6:29 that if they I unlocked that

6:32 and in a mock people and let them chill morning guys like to run am people like

6:37 them

6:38 well my the problem is makes up has a very committee driven culture and that's

6:43 not the way to get stepped out the door

6:45 you know it since I left what are they really ship that

6:48 new in in a bit and a mention that we understand it

6:51 new and interesting the Kinect sensor in

6:54 for ninety thousand people a bit

6:58 with a company that has sixty your any billion dollars in the bank

7:01 have including something like 8 p.m. billion dollar business is behind it

7:06 or me to only be able to point to one thing as an indictment on their

7:09  innovation machine

7:10and that this new CEO can get that innovation machine a ramp up a little

7:14 bit

7:15 and ship maybe I products and the next seven years

7:18 that we can look to holy wait till that engine gets

7:22 unlocked they can really do them something great

7:25 final questions travel what could happen in 2014 what would you like to have

7:31 something being something exciting not just another

7:34 to when I P A something that you think really made

7:38 attacked think about it on a

7:41 picked up perhaps the rest the promise that

7:44 a we're we're in a world that the generation

7:49 were iteration is it rewarded and that

7:52 and you have one somewhere we feel to me like you and mask

7:57 the propose something really crazy in bed or

8:00 or jenny was your man of the year 2013

8:03 bed is he gonna actually deliver on

8:06 on his the hyper loop I don't think so

8:09 I'm not going i burly I is Larry Page gonna put itself

8:13 driving are I don't mean up %um

8:18 now we gotta pick someone so we can take a lot of hard work like think but we're

8:21 not gonna

8:22 we're not gonna have when bill anywhere anytime

8:26 am I gonna get a Google self-driving car by repaid

8:29 I don't think well maybe watch I I don't think his I'm gonna give

8:33  if I and is deputy that's gonna

8:37 have drones delivered that the mouth I don't think for so

8:41 where the real action as it is in the iteration and

8:44 when youth are starting to see

8:47 what's coming because generation it's a contextual operator

8:52 we're certain that I have a boner knows whether walking

8:56 driving shopping in a meeting

9:00 right and there's life a contextual same old for

9:04 go to study in do make that happen

9:07 if that happens that's gonna bring you had a few min

9:10 machine it's gonna be a pretty interesting to watch

9:15 maybe should write a book about back ideas i've but that so I warn you now

9:18 the book about 2008 pain as previewed by Robert Scoble the man who sees the

9:23 future as well have anyone gonna get you back at the end of the year

9:26 the show how right or wrong you are Robert happy new year

9:30 or than honor and a pleasure to have you and I hope you have

9:34 help be and particularly wealthy 2040

9:37  thank you very much you too

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