July 14, 2014

Does Website Color Scheme Matter?


0:00 everybody David here wanna do a video for it today 0:03 on something that many others kinda overlooked that we all run into it 0:07 if we start building our own website matter what platforms we use be it a 0:11 free platform like Blogger 0:13 or for use Word Press or XI pro 0:16 which eggs led me to this because I was putting together 0:20 the video series The tutorial on XI pro over the college 0:24 and i got to the section where for designing the website 0:28 and with wet with Website Pro just like in 0:31 I mean XI pro most your platforms have different areas like this would be our 0:36 header 0:37 panel the section where main panel 0:40 you got a left-hand panel could be a sidebar 0:44 insomnia got this the section here the 0:47 another bar here title bar on 0:51 see down here you have this for her bar 0:54 for example now I'm on this site because 0:58 say for example you going into a niche that you really didn't know much about 1:02 I don't know the first thing about aromatherapy oils or candle making or 1:06 any type a spa products 1:07 I'll I wouldn't know what colors 1:11 to choose for my website so I could do one of two things I could just try to 1:16 a Kraig Kahler's that I thought work well with one yr 1:19 one another and complimented one another in if you 1:23 believe my wife says she says I'm colorblind wouldn't know it look good 1:27 together in 1:27 could paint a room to save my life get the right colors in there 1:31 or what I could do is find a site like this 1:35 and pick the colors that they're using okay both those 1:39 present problems for me one is that my wife is right I really don't know what 1:44 colors look well together 1:45 I have no idea the psychology behind 1:48 color choices far as the web design I'm I can look into it 1:52 I go in and try to do some research into the colors that some by 1:56 looking for spa products would like to have 1:59 home or I could come here in China duplicate these colors 2:03 which would be almost impossible for me to do as well I'm of the view 2:07 used any pure programs we are building web sites you can pick the color 2:12 to try to pick a color that that matches some other color you're trying to 2:16 you know pick in match at less you know those hex codes 2:20 which called hex hexadecimal reference codes 2:23 that little no box with those the letters and numbers at 2:27 that the pics actually what color is a 2:31 it's also possible get an exact match but I do have two tools for you today to 2:35 help us with both those problems 2:36 talk real quick that they want to get this out YouTube so let's say for 2:39 example 2:40 that I have this site here and i wanna just copy some of these colors 2:44 what I can do as I can just right-click and 2:48 if it says a pitch as I wanna say that's when a copy the pitcher 2:52 overcame dotnet and open a new 2:55 thing here now we've had done a test a tutorial on paint that net 3:00 they say on this photo editing software 3:03 any type betting software you have has this feature is paced the pitcher and 3:07 here 3:08 and you go over here and click on the so I dropper 3:12 and choose your color pic tool you see you get a box 3:16 over here with your colors and 3:19 mean this screen back over for you 3:24 say we kinda really let like this little green area right in here to use our 3:28 Website may be for us side panel or 3:30 for better shop wanna kinda duplicates on these colors 3:34 all you do is click on it you'll see that 3:37 it now is featured an hour are little box here 3:41 ago the lower so this color this is a like this color 3:46 is click on MORE and there's this a hex code i'm talking about that's what we 3:51 would plug into our 3:52 web editing software whatever we're using 3:56 home had me 4:02 up 4:06 have this setup real quick show if you use and blogger 4:09 that Cisco 4:15 its layout fonts and colors 4:19 see that you can you can not pick your page background color 4:24 your sidebar your borders your postarticle all these different colors 4:28 in this is what I'm talking about your color hex code this 4:31 d3 e2e 6 you could just try to 4:35 come in here and say you're doing aromatherapy and you wanted to get some 4:38 colors 4:39 the use of that other site would be very hard to just come in a randomly pick 4:43 these and make it look right 4:44 but if you put the code in based on what you did over here at paint 4:48 dotnet here's the code right here 4:51 then you get that exact color that you're looking for really 4:55 really cool to do very easy and that I get that code 4:59 now the other thing is say don't really like any the site you've seen you can do 5:03 a better job you think 5:05 you can pick something like I don't know 5:09 candle making their you let's go back to 5:12 this one here say we're just gonna stick with aromatherapy or candle making a 5:16 massage oils 5:17 anything fine maybe inspire some on is really cool so we can go to 5:23 just type in your Google bar KU 5:26 eloy or in search 5:29 and you get this for spot here 5:32 this is a really really neat tool 5:36 they see what happens here is 5:39 this gives you a color selection palette all colors that are complementary 5:43 one another depending on the mood you're trying to create your site allowed at 5:46 this has been researched as far as the psychology of color choice 5:50 up that would most affect a buying decision are put your 5:54 custom in the right frame of mind and we can go right in here and type in spa 5:58 in the soul search bar here and its gonna give us a bunch a different color 6:03 themes 6:05 that we can choose from like this Lotus Spa think that has to do some 6:09 the ogre yeah nice these colors look 6:13 and we can I can never pick these five colors to be complementary with one 6:17 another 6:17 but I could use one for my you know my hair one from a title bar my footer 6:21 my sidebar you even the background space for my website 6:26 but this really kinda just getting the ball park is far some colors that 6:29 actually will work well with one another 6:31 and that have been proven to do so we get this lilacs by 6:35 spot home kinda like this combination this looks really neat 6:40 I am but what schools okay we need to get this this colors 6:43 these colors now write this that hex code so just pick 6:46 click this box right here and 6:49 your if you scroll down 6:53 you'll see that for each color they give you the hex code 6:57 that you were just plug in to your site so 7:01 you know I just highlight that copy it 7:04 you know in that go back over tonight 7:08 my blog or whatever website I'm working on Sat what 7:13 that be my sidebar title collar 7:18 I just that puppy and right here the room 7:21 and then updated and now I've changed the 7:24 the collar got the exact color aisles looking for I know my colors work 7:27 together 7:28 and my site is going to be well-designed 7:32 and the colors gonna be optimized for 7:36 the actual niche that I'm and then I can do that without even having any idea 7:40 at all what colors would go well together 7:43 that would appeal to prospective customer but using that tool 7:47 over at KU L E R home its kule are dot 7:52 dobie dot com just type in your Google bar 7:55 you can take those colors and you can get the tax code and you can design your 7:59 site that way 8:00 or you can go find a site that's ranked number one it gets a lot of traffic 8:03 and just copy one other pitchers into the pain 8:07 and not use the color selection tool and get the hex go that way 8:11 in that way you can design your sites look professional and 8:15 and get immediately in touch with your customers kinda wanna deep psychological 8:19 levels far as color choices 8:23 considered okay so anyway thought you guys might enjoy that 8:26 and I make you serve it know a lot of us are moving towards 8:30 creating web sites now even if it's a free platform website you still have to 8:34 use color choice wisely 8:36 and that and I hope you like that video talk to ya later

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