July 4, 2014

Startups - Joanne Wilson - Angel Investor, Blogger, Co-Founder Women's' Entrepreneur Festival

Joanne "The Gotham Gal" Wilson joins Jason for a trip down memory lane and discussion about her female founder powered investments.

3:30:00 What was the first company you invested in?
3:45:00 What was it about that business & entrepreneur to make you invest?
5:15:00 How do you decide to invest in a first-time entrepreneur?
8:00:00 What are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in the beginning?
10:30:00 Why did you invest in Mouth.com?
12:30:00 Do you think the Indie food movement is a national trend?
15:00:00 How do you get the entrepreneur to the next level with new personnel?
15:45:00 What are you investing in now?
17:15:00 What do you think about Bloomberg's move on the food industry?
18:30:00 How has the industry changed since the Silicon Alley days?
20:30:00 This episode is made possible by New Relic
24:15:00 Why are you investing in so many female founders?
25:15:00 Do you think male investors have a bias toward funding female founders?
27:00:00 Do you think they up their game because other expect them to fail?
28:30:00 Do you think female entrepreneurs are higher performaning than men?
29:00:00 Do you think women take as much risk?
31:45:00 Why is Kitchensurfing a good business?
34:30:00 How did you find out about ScootNetworks?
35:30:00 How's Food52 doing?
36:00:00 How did you get involved in MOUSE?
38:15:00 What were the highlights of MOUSE?
41:15:00 What's your thoughts on the NYC school system?
43:00:00 This episode is brought to you by SquareSpace.
46:00:00 Are you going to start a proper Angel fund?
47:00:00 What is your conference about?
47:30:00 What do you think tips a woman into entrepreneurship?
49:15:00 What is the key to balancing a family and a career?
52:15:00 What do you look for in an entrepreneur?
54:45:00 What did that business pivot to?
55:30:00 Everyone follow @thegothamgal

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