July 10, 2014

Web Design 101: Organizing Your Website

Jose Caballer and Aure Gimon talk about web design basics. Today they are talking about organizing your website. Organizing your website is an important process of web design and allows you to easily change up your website, find files easily, and make it easier for teammates or a client to view and understand the site

0:00 I'm in the last few minutes I want to talk about the the organization a file 0:04 from 0:04 and something they said to me it was really important that it's really about 0:07 thinking about 0:08 other person I write about for and set up front or the fences 0:11 crazy messy file right there's a tendency to like forget about a file 0:15 ones 0:15 once you're not working on it you know when you're flying you're designing is 0:19 pretty stuff everywhere in is a mess 0:20 and then you have to deliver it for me I even organize files for myself 0:25 so that I know where things are when somebody gives me a file that I have to 0:28 work on the for singers 0:29 I do is go through the layers for and make it make sense and it's just common 0:32 sense 0:32 one of the things that I do that I that a band but I've always done is 0:37 try to order from top to bottom so the header in one folder and the layers that 0:41 backgrounds and then I also put detective HTML and when I college to 0:45 mouth and graphics and another one 0:47 I'm thinking about the developer needs to look at and its color coded 0:50 I make more important things read the least important things blue 0:53 and just make a really nice in really well organized so that 0:57 I'm so that people can really use it shamir 10 your files darlene so 1:01 organized actual file that we looked at 1:04 a few weeks ago and if we can put up again area so 1:07 it's hard to see on the screen we will start to see i mean it's got the green 1:11 on top it is something that I wanted to just kinda show users really quickly 1:14 it's kind of like how things are broken up I have and I'm column that takes 1:18 a or a main content area takes a colander inside politics for columns 1:22 but going back to what you're saying about the layers if you look here 1:25 in the Layers palette and it might be too small to look at him as very well 1:29 read those our sadness and that's the header 1:31 about layer said if you open its Gallagher to stop in there and Scott 1:35 even some old stuff that's turned off 1:37 but I haven't had it which is %uh plants they return 0 errors are 1:40 you've got that counter at the top which was a unique element 1:44 feature of the great at the top so people can see them yeah I let's do they 1:47 say you're turning up things one by one sorry senator 1:49 there was a hater here goes that counter at the top 1:52 here goes that main column area here goes the sidebar 1:57 and and last but not least there goes the footer Wow that makes complete sense 2:01 yep the wreck in order like you're saying from the top and name your files 2:05 would make sense you know like button submit button or 2:08 you know take the time to do it for yourself because when you're in a hurry 2:11 like so here's the excuse excuses I'm going too fast an official I can deliver 2:15 to mike got my clients waiting for me if you're working on your own if you're 2:17 free lancer 2:18 what's funny is that later on were in the middle that made when you have to 2:22 make some changes to the grind are right next day on the client makes changes 2:26 yet to go back to the file you look at any like you will be going there so held 2:29 a neighborhood by kinda organizing things and I think absolutely 2:32 yes ago exactly as a I think that's really a point though i mean i think one 2:36 if you're working as a team 2:37 try to think about the other person try to think also but like 2:41 kinda communication overhead that's gonna result if you hand over something 2:44 that's messy and then they have to come back to you and say like 2:46 what did that mean can you organize your file you know you risk and unlike may be 2:50 upsetting someone who's also a really busy 2:52 you know you're not the only one and next week we're going to talk about the 2:55 developers 2:55 exit or about development they get the brunt a 2:59 that are kinda like at the end of the assembly line and they have to deal with 3:02 everybody else's mistakes and you know all the things I've been delayed and 3:05 then they receive all the stuff and it's like 3:07 build it and they still have to do it and do it fast and had a fat ass

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