July 7, 2014

Web Design - The Basics of HTML

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0:00 today's episode of this week in web design is brought to you by fulfill 0:03 university 0:04 offering them work that bath days degree programs both on campus than online 0:10 designed for the needs of today's technology media industry for more 0:14 information visit fulfilled dot 0:16 you 0:17 this week 0:20 to gain basics of html 0:23 was a standout 0:24 how do i create a simple page 0:26 we're joined by mike michelle on from full sail university to teach us that 0:30 stick around and watch as work 0:37 via video sided it piece all of your mementos yet but they said that is the 0:41 episode number and i'm kind of catching up ari it is a hundred and thirteen 0:44 of the school live formerly known as as we can work design 0:48 every week you we teach you uh... how to collaborate in thrive individual economy 0:51 and today's episode is a special episode because it is for those of you who are 0:55 either getting started or who are veterans and want to have a a little bit 0:59 about 0:59 fresher refrigerator not 1:03 joining us as 1:03 every week 1:05 argue mon-fri let's create rector at severe and touch on a leafy who is our 1:09 uh... 1:10 fearless community director of community 1:13 coach all these things before the school 1:16 uh... and joining us live from florida is mark misha and welcome mark 1:21 anti-semitism 1:23 um... market specials at full sail can explain to us a little bit what that 1:26 means 1:27 sure uh... land that they were a specialist in the world is ongoing bash 1:31 was proportional 1:33 then the classes that i'm a part of 1:35 we teach your students overnight user interface user experience oliphant ronan 1:40 design and development 1:41 pretty much republican build their own html lucius in stages 1:46 from scratch before they move on to a disservice eyeglasses 1:49 excellent thank you 1:50 and your background you mentioned that you've been working doing website since 1:53 the nineties 1:55 you know i started as a as a obviously fuel like most people do this taking 1:59 sides apart and putting that together 2:01 and eventually moved in to make it my career 2:03 making a living from it that's awesome 2:05 so you know 2:06 explain to the people that might not understand you know look and we know the 2:09 internet when other web we all have our mobile devices 2:12 what is the chairman like out of a peace agreement 2:16 generation those kind of the unifying language of the world of it's what we 2:19 call mark appointment 2:21 it's basically a way to describe information whether that's 2:24 taxed images videos so on and so forth 2:27 uh... 2:28 it eventually connects with an system in which the assassin that cellular it is 2:31 looking the way we want 2:33 and then we have more and more on snacks building websites that we use everyday 2:37 so but markup language i mean that it is 2:40 basically what if you had a body of copyright content letters uh... it tells 2:46 those uh... letters and that copy how to look at how to behave in a web browser 2:50 that's going to be displayed on the internet is that correct 2:53 yeah exactly if they have a better way to think of the is 2:57 helen myers upward or any processor news and 3:00 you're basically saying oh i want this to be bold on this to be a header on 3:04 this the paragraph maybe a lot of people here 3:06 on the web work slowed up early and we have to tell the browser 3:10 how we want to look 3:12 in a even more 3:13 structured manner 3:15 um i like to describe markup languages kind of like 3:17 describing a person's right 3:19 we have the money we have a head on the body torso of arms 3:23 and those parts have children and there are a great bangers on earth and so on 3:27 and so forth 3:29 i really like that metaphor that's a really great metaphor ari how do you 3:31 understand html considered it 3:34 your hybrid designer who's also coated 3:36 letting you know it's been awhile since i've touched the boat from what i can 3:38 remember it was uh... 3:40 that's why it's called markham basically you're just telling different bits of 3:43 content 3:44 to behave a different way it doesn't have any inherent logic to it like 3:47 that's what you 3:48 javascript for tonight 3:50 pieces move 3:51 that's essentially we've described it as the skeleton on the couple occasions 3:55 and the csce is being scanned 3:57 and maybe java scripting the muscles that 4:00 that may get a large interest and that's a really great metaphor thank you 4:03 so you need to know basic tax and tags are work tags it you can explain that 4:08 very very briefly mark 4:10 true taggart rather than uh... away 4:13 to tell the brother what's going on what is what 4:16 so out of the best way to think of times it is is 4:19 sometimes there where sometimes there were 4:22 but they're kind of our key words are say okay well this is 4:25 this piece of companies an image of this case but that is a title and we're 4:29 containing that 4:31 with 4:31 opening time closing time which will look at a little bit later 4:35 end-user aside from uh... that some of the that knowledge is there anything 4:41 special i say you need in order to cut a pager can you start talking to page you 4:45 know with whatever you have on your computer 4:46 what do you need to get started your release a day 4:48 sure you need two primary things one of which is the one text 4:53 what you should see here on this is a d 4:56 faria trying to pay for it if you want to piece of software that's good for 5:00 windows mac in lenox 5:02 uh... it's very popular in the community right now 5:05 before use whatever you want a tax cutter work girls in your browser i'm 5:09 using chrome 5:10 but your creature use firefox or any modern question do you see fit i sent to 5:15 you have that text editor and you have a web browser open 5:18 and now we're getting some colleen 5:20 uh... on there so with atlas actually move into the actual cody and the 5:24 question being how do i create a simple page so mark there's a question what is 5:29 the first step i take in creating a simple web page with h_m_o_ 5:34 sure the most important thing myriad star with is you need to concentrate 5:39 ineed your content and hopefully you get a deadline in mind or maybe you've been 5:42 passed over 5:44 a design from someone else and your team 5:46 but scenario in the basic so it's just a british what's on the moon 5:51 some information with u_s_ images down here 5:54 and we have our concept of return sublime taxed now 5:58 this obviously is a note saying 6:00 so we need to start out with 6:01 over content over here just looks like this jumbled mess right was not a whole 6:05 lot going on 6:06 our goal today is to move from this 6:09 incidents 6:11 and then with that knowledge 6:12 on your own you can go on and hopefully create something that's a little bit 6:16 better looking 6:17 serena startup with our basic out that this is just and html file 6:21 index is kind of the standard for most servers 6:24 i'm sarah committed to the clinton expire 6:27 and the first thing for html giving it we call it dot com 6:31 in the dark side 6:32 is telling the browser what type of hopelessness 6:35 how it should go ahead and interpret what about the printer 6:39 improve their 6:40 when you start having tractor sto 6:42 it still has a few primary kind that you need for every page 6:46 what it will choose the html tags 6:48 another is the head tag 6:51 and then once when they had suddenly start giving some basic information 6:54 about the edition of this information won't be displayed directly 6:59 on your website 7:00 but it will affect the way for that 7:02 some search engines buick 7:04 it will affect the way uh... some information in the biggest play later 7:07 and one of those appointments is the title act 7:11 this thing is going to end up showing up 7:13 in your times in chrome or firefox appear 7:16 it's also it's gonna show up 7:18 in google somebody circuit recited 7:21 ceramic all this for exploring 7:24 the movement 7:25 and here's our closing thought that we talked about earlier 7:28 sewer opening with title 7:30 wearing compass saying all of our contract 7:32 nor closing with fight on the only difference here 7:35 is the slash marker this forward slash 7:38 beggars and 7:39 and signifies less the closing survivors sat directly marked so in order to have 7:44 a body of copy and in order for the attack 7:47 that attacked 7:49 to tell you know the browser that this is uh... x_y_z_ or make this bold 7:54 but don't display the tag 7:56 the way you do that as you put it in those willing you know i you know of 8:00 less than in more than 8:01 science uh... cats and that means dot display this word 8:06 this tack to the browser that's about it 8:09 yeah absolutely browsers you know that anything that's cutting close inside it 8:13 thus less than a greater than sign 8:15 is part of our market open slots on the wall display 8:18 that's and when you man 8:20 that gina destination this is the title you do forward slash inside your two are 8:27 less than an m_-one and signs intercept it 8:30 thank you continue 8:32 chore another important time for us is the military 8:36 uh... there's a ton of a title meta tags for the one they were in focus on today 8:39 is that ker sakte 8:40 and if you notice back on our page here we've got these little we're kind of 8:44 t_m_ symbols and things that look at a place 8:47 according our content 8:48 so the carousel 8:50 is basically 8:51 uh... telling the browser 8:54 how to interpret our normal text now depending on that 8:58 uh... what country ran uh... language your speaking sometimes the case is 9:02 going to change but generally range nuclear eight 9:06 and receive a different way attacks work here with me so causing panic 9:11 because this has no actual content outside of 9:15 website itself 9:16 it closes with a slash 9:18 and then the grandson 9:20 there sir 9:21 but uh... 9:21 uti abstract sense for what unified something type formatter 9:27 sasa thing along those lines there's a a handful of care so i think you can try 9:31 nuclear a is kind of a standard 9:33 that we use it with um... english-language text 9:36 so what that character said that what that taxing 9:39 uh... the mets at the same idea browser please used a uti f a 9:44 at character set 9:45 so that you don't display that weird lobby cops you know inside the h_m_o_ 9:49 absolutely 9:50 except that 9:51 uh... care so it is important to us at care citizen attribute that we're giving 9:55 to this metal tab 9:56 and we'll see become more entries in a little bit 9:59 um... 10:00 these lorraine trumbull 10:02 ways to link in your join suits us together 10:05 to linking it with other outside sources whether javascript or 10:10 another language uh... 10:12 each day has its own set of ashley's that can use and will talk about the but 10:16 later today 10:17 so now that we've got those two men were also at our a c assessed final there 10:21 right now there's nothing in it 10:22 but we're gonna show you don't like it 10:24 tickling is an important thing to know despues link isn't powell 10:28 the normal person thinks not only could be related something we click on a 10:31 website 10:32 but this link is actually telling the final 10:34 to lane sc the 10:37 page to another page 10:39 in such a manner that they help each other off 10:42 it's not actually hyperbole cats we got them 10:44 so we're gonna there's that could work well 10:46 and then style sheets 10:49 and we're also going to give it 10:51 you arrival 10:52 to the successful in this case pins 10:54 cssc slash main subsides 10:58 this'll change depending on how you can submit your successful 11:01 but that's not true partner 11:03 so now they were done with everything in our heads ivory running close this with 11:06 a closing thought of that we're not in israel 11:09 and from there 11:10 we're stuck with the body padding 11:12 an insider buys that is where most of our current it's going to go 11:16 from there we're going to go ahead and 11:19 i know that exploring the moon or was going to be an h one uh... so it's our 11:23 primary headed for the page 11:25 so i'm gonna go ahead and put this in a header 11:28 that ruling 11:29 that i wanted her all this together 11:31 enters a new attack with html five 11:34 we're basically saying everything here is going to be 11:37 arbor header elemental page 11:39 if we look back at our primary page 11:41 that's everything raking either 11:43 so if we go back 11:46 i wanna make this an h one which is the highest raking and repairing 11:56 so each one a dispute hdv does it designations for 12:00 header types and each have an equivalent uh... like you know how big unhelpful 12:05 those are 12:07 from uh... visual standpoint yes 12:10 beyond that they're also saying that 12:12 wherein the hierarchy of the page of this is important so in a book you may 12:16 have your your chapter title and they may have little subtitles below that 12:20 solely designated as with the various ratings of one two three and support 12:24 patch 12:25 so want to know that body trying to move into a basic information 12:29 eventually if we say this right now you know it's not a complete were still 12:32 missing a lot 12:33 we look over here 12:35 we can already see that are 12:36 each one of the 12:42 interesting 12:42 so you have your already your 12:44 title for the page and you had a red heads are better 12:57 i think we might have lost your might 13:03 your audio 13:04 so what do you think that uh... so far 13:07 unit supporting a picnic uh... decided and that would be 13:10 back to your kid that last section right there we'll ask your idea is for a 13:13 second 13:14 char server that 13:15 i'm wrapping basic information and this paragraph here in this section parent 13:20 and this is basically saying that 13:22 these have some sort of structural importance together 13:25 they belong together for whatever reason 13:27 and this is going to change depending on your content depending on your site 13:30 but i know that basic information is referring to this 13:33 and i know that because we put that are designed already 13:36 but they're gonna go together inside 13:40 i'm getting this information age three 13:43 business lower the hierarchy from h one h two 13:46 the timing is another time even seen yet and this is the paragraph that i mean 13:50 which is 13:51 kary commonplace 13:53 anybody expects that you have it doesn't have any 13:55 additional formatting 13:57 i'll medicine specific to a certain type with a list of something 14:01 isn't here at sympatico 14:03 and if we save themselves 14:04 we should now see but here's our section of basic information in the initial 14:09 paragraph 14:10 they've been split apart more than adults 14:13 during continues as we get on the page 14:15 but another new tag number and look at all simulation up on 14:20 is the figure tag 14:22 chemistry to figure out on the groups an image 14:26 and some text without image together 14:30 so are included here 14:32 and inside of the retiring to image tag 14:36 which we have not seen you have been inertia is another one of the cell 14:38 closing things 14:40 edit uses the attributes to tell the browser where to look for this image so 14:44 i'm gonna do the future 14:46 i'm sorry sores 14:50 and that thank you for some reason and it doesn't work when they're having 14:53 given openning 14:55 and say waxing 14:57 universe melitta 15:00 so there are so close that such explained that that's what you'd esic in 15:04 order to pavan image display in the browser 15:07 the tag is called image i_n_g_ 15:09 then you're gonna source r_n_c_ equals 15:12 and everything is contained within that tag and you put image slash 15:15 so that that that that 15:18 the that 15:19 where the images began keeping in mind 15:21 these are all things inside a folder inside a computer and called the web 15:26 server and for the 15:27 web hosting that specific system that are interested last week on the school 15:31 pro we were covering you know the concerts on web hosting so-so anyway to 15:35 explain uh... or to to clarify what i understand there is 15:39 in order to display the image you have to designated 15:42 within image tag and where you're finding it's a cracked 15:46 yes absolutely um... 15:48 i have no no because i put these an earlier that one million ages inside a 15:52 folder called i_n_g_ plans may change a thing and i use of the controllers that 15:57 so from there 15:59 another new element within figure is fig caption 16:03 and this is basically telling us that ok well we've got 16:06 look at the century here 16:07 so we know that dayton uh... urgent buttons image 16:10 i'm gonna give him credit for going to be on the web 16:13 anonymity clothes that intrudes 16:16 caption 16:18 now i also want somehow link 16:21 two days and itial 16:22 image and the way that i do that 16:24 there's always 16:25 what we'd normally recognize as a link but it's actually comment anchor tag 16:29 some in a row baby among indicating 16:32 a trap 16:33 them in the ural judicial image 16:36 i'm gonna give it a title 16:38 which is another country but your on a lot of times 16:41 land is going to say 16:43 date is 16:44 original 16:46 the movement of evidence 16:50 cause that opening time interrupted young in 16:54 that uh... you know 16:55 that we say this out competitor page 16:59 you can see we've got our racially before but now we've got this new 17:01 grouping down here 17:03 but the image 17:04 the caption 17:05 and a link that it's going to take us out to the initial source of the image 17:11 awesome thing are you 17:12 sure here we've got a few more images here 17:14 principal rose 17:16 and then another hair we've had some paragraphs northridge 17:19 and down here would be a random facts 17:22 ed and runescape over to our phone lines version 17:26 we're going to do the random facts looks a little bit different 17:29 is it is criminalist 17:31 now if we look akbar markup page 17:35 here does not guarantee you well know shelter or lives there's no tie 17:38 political turmoil 17:40 but these items are really have any importance as far as one needs to be 17:43 before the other 17:44 so that's why reasoning on the list 17:46 inside each one we've got missed items wrapping up directly now to recognize 17:50 that all children 17:52 of the national honor finish on her list nor closing it 17:57 and we move on the other thing i want to touch on before we finish this demo 18:01 isn't out there on it 18:03 and this ul down here 18:05 most navigation yesen websites please 18:07 enclosed in a list 18:09 it's become commonplace there's been a lot of the data recently as to whether 18:12 it's good enough 18:13 uh... 18:14 but the general consensus 18:15 consensus is that it's 18:17 and for a very success of billy reasons we wanna keep it that way 18:21 through that i have element 18:23 which can go anywhere on the page in here i have it on the footer 18:26 instead of the government's 18:27 list items and our links inside those list items 18:31 two other pages 18:33 so if we look at what this looks like here 18:36 in actually see the links up here 18:37 now they're not 18:39 uh... design in any specific ways to just come about that one of them 18:43 but if we were young worker c_s_i_s_ eventually 18:46 we give them some style and some color and sniper facts 18:50 so let's let's talk about that i love it i mean and and that's house question and 18:53 i'm coming up in a couple of it at that time tari 18:56 uh... set that up 18:58 thing to do questions so far like what what what do you think so far from his 19:02 nineteen i like it i like it doesn't get to see you know what it looked like 19:05 before 19:06 and we have to visual because now i can make the link the connection between all 19:11 the content the copy to coding 19:14 uh... and and just concluding and that's from being and printer apprentice energy 19:19 it's it's it's a set of orders and codes to assign creek references in crete 19:23 containers has to make sense in organize 19:26 a bunch of uh... characters yep you know 19:29 that's how i cn the formatting as being uh... determinant dictated by these tax 19:34 known cssc cynics and they were talk a little bit about are your comments 19:39 agree i think it's really great to see that 19:42 i'd really like how he just have the content 19:45 and fix the characters than but the skeleton on an uh... disc and swing and 19:50 imagine we're gonna look at a little bit of cssc wrapped up a little bit about 19:53 cssc so what happens when you were talking about printing 19:56 we'll be in print designer you know when you're using indesign 19:59 you don't want to have to repeat the same thing over and over again page 20:02 after page selective you have a body copy style if you have a headerstyle 20:06 where page you don't want to have to say okay this page again changing the 20:10 attributes and then the next big change in the attributes so what ended up 20:13 happening this is a should not have the same problem 20:16 uh... is uh... cascading style sheets 20:19 and it's exactly as it sounds you know i think that indesign does call adobe 20:23 inside this call their style sheets to 20:25 uh... themselves into 20:26 uh... and the reason why it's called cascading 20:29 west coast escaping my 20:31 i'm sure it's this who killed her because as you apply various rules the 20:35 certain elephants there 20:37 children womans and up inheriting some of those rules as well 20:40 so the styles kind of cascading down 20:43 into the lower a 20:45 or children of the treatments 20:48 so basically it's refers to lily casket one 20:52 can you show us a little bit uh... about cascading style sheets that holiday 20:57 just show us the file and what it looks like where all the attributes are 21:00 designated for that particular file 21:03 it sure what's going to head up and look at them 21:05 we completed file prong are artfully displayed site here 21:11 and some of these are more complex and some of them are simple 21:14 but you can see it appears recover selectors which is where we 21:18 determine what elements of her rim targeting 21:21 um this is a anymore list like this we've got one two three four five six 21:25 so uh... them different 21:26 uh... element selected 21:28 on his own or more basic one this is a html edge 21:31 original element 21:33 and we are basically saying our background colors we need to start kind 21:36 of korang 21:37 work more all the fonts on the page to the sixty pixels at one point five 21:42 and buy a one higher want all the other akka 21:46 we want a fallback aerial 21:47 if for some reason america new isn't there 21:49 and intracerebral vulnerable michael medica 21:52 and if you're on the somewhere other than any of these 21:55 organ above activity standards and sarah 21:58 and then we're saying okay will 22:00 that's great but we also offer tax to be a different color because they were 22:03 black on the star career and i could see much 22:06 so it was very light gray 22:08 color here at this very close to the white which you see 22:10 on her body copy so viciously be something that you that we would usually 22:15 have inside the html copy 22:18 paraplegia per pair grab for per 22:21 alamat 22:22 and what you're saying is that this now lives in an external file policy s_s_ 22:26 asus s file 22:28 and that met you put the protagonist side 22:31 the are html document the says 22:34 use the sea assessed from this file 22:37 yet in the past we used to have to put are individuals files inside the html 22:41 has attribute but we saw before 22:44 but the problem with that is that over time if we have underpaid website were 22:48 changing needs 22:49 over and over again if we want to do one league colored red instead of blue 22:53 now i gotta go for it at all these pages 22:55 or is now with an external style sheet or linking n 22:59 we can make a change once in a row akhtar website 23:02 accent thank you so if somebody wants to learn more or continue this uh... 23:06 experience of nineteen h ten now 23:08 uh... where would be worth three sites that you feel are important for them to 23:12 know in terms of resources 23:13 including the tool that you're using 23:16 sure so once you restore familiar with what's going on but you really don't 23:19 know all the time gibbins there's so many now brings them all 23:23 on the progress of the argument is that you know by dr and we've got the link 23:27 to the national settlement date 23:29 uh... in this is the element index as you can see we've got all the different 23:33 uh... one of the alphabet and we can go through and rows what eleanor looking 23:38 for everyone apa quote somewhere 23:40 this'll describe exactly what it is we can see a code snippet out if we want 23:44 and we can also be linked over to the official spec reached him up by 23:48 breakouts oakley one about a little bit deeper and see 23:51 uh... what the actual rules are and why certain decisions are made 23:54 that's where we go from there if you're just starting out are you 23:57 wants more knowledge one of those reasons our commander in al 24:01 is there was alot of alberta network 24:03 uh... this is made by the team behind 24:06 firebox and the homes of the team 24:08 bigger anywhere from basic html html five-c_ assess javascript and so on and 24:12 so forth 24:14 with some great tutorials and links to outside resources 24:17 right within here 24:19 uh... it's by far one of the 24:21 was complete and accurate sources that i'm working at the moment 24:25 uh... and also if you don't become pure 24:27 your at exeter in yet 24:29 aggressive on tax or 24:32 anything that you prefer i i recommend swan dives unrealistically 24:36 it's all about finding what works best for you 24:38 and if everybody was one call but you just can't get a you benefit on works 24:42 best for you 24:44 now you can use even tech senate unite your background your pc 24:48 thank you mark this is really awesome and it gives me a really nice overview 24:52 of each amount for our viewers who are either considering 24:56 uh... career in 24:58 uh... web design or in web development it's something that 25:02 uh... 25:02 i'd i find extremely a helpful for those of you who have been asking for a long 25:06 time uh... if you want to know more about full so university in the 25:10 opportunities in studying web designer design uh... 25:15 you can look rap here 25:17 full so that you use such this weekend which is the title of our show the 25:21 previous title russia 25:22 four cyl dot e_d_u_ such this weekend and also uh... full sail w slash the 25:27 school rocks works but do me a favor just go to the page check it out to see 25:32 what opportunities are for you 25:34 uh... if you're interested in that 25:35 and mark we really look forward to having you again 25:39 we're going to go through some housekeeping and a few other things that 25:41 he rats we wrap up the show but it was a thank-you for taking the time to giving 25:45 us that tutorial 25:47 unlike what you think is best 25:48 thanks mark thanks for being here 25:50 uh... so too 25:51 do a few housekeeping things that i have a horrible cough a keep a copy can you 25:55 talk a little bit about of what you're doing so takara 25:59 is doing workshops are for women here in l_a_ 26:02 and i wanted to share love the way you're next workshop this yeah some of 26:05 the during the workshop together with family natin claims she was one of the 26:08 speakers upton merge conference 26:11 and they want to miss call breaking through your inner glass ceiling 26:14 it's specifically again working with women 26:17 who wanna kary undersigned their own career and what we're gonna do is with a 26:21 look at the context in the biggest story of 26:24 you know why is it so hard to design your own career in action also make a 26:28 life went out of it 26:29 in this context for the locale as women who very often identify with their own 26:34 feelings that stupid file made 26:36 so uh... now what is it that he might read in your life and career we're gonna 26:41 look at uh... underlying assumptions and ideas then every shin bet we hold onto 26:47 which very often are what are down holding blocks 26:51 and it and i work with distinctions um... between you know which partisan 26:55 all died and was partisan united in of what he could moving too 26:59 we're working our viewers find more information about the salon ideas on 27:03 your screen asymptotic up 27:05 but i could just members 27:07 for but you your honor that's going to be on and saturdays set uh... 27:11 march thirtieth into half the insanity 27:14 april sixth the website is classed ceiling glass ceiling dot even sprite 27:19 dot com bustling better than bread dot ya'll or if you go to school website 27:23 correct for dinner and welfare and 27:25 uh... a fifty percent discount to everybody from to school lunches to 27:28 school fifty percent discount ames and his company's school 27:32 escape bow out go to school so senate that bright glass ceiling 27:36 that feeling right 27:39 avoir encourage you guys me especially you know kit 27:43 if you're looking to a pure shifting careers right now 27:46 and one other things that i i don't personally 27:49 now encourage personally uh... is for at the work that needs to be done i'd use 27:53 it think that it had to be working on the business and it turns out that it'll 27:56 timidly is working on yourself 27:58 is one of the most valuable things 27:59 uh... 28:00 that helps you transform into a career that you want 28:03 ari anything you want to add to what are you working on a interested what our 28:07 viewers 28:09 people are clamoring for sink or swim yeah both in the back of there have been 28:13 a few so we just need to know 28:16 schedule the time use stuff 28:20 italian artist working a lot of costa blood products working with some uh... 28:23 you know martin 28:25 good product on our mobile you've been a lot a lot of mobile and a lot of product 28:29 which is interesting about that which uh... 28:30 to sample 28:31 enjoy it's not just the same thing over and over every problems different to 28:35 come up with different solutions and tests these things berate them so 28:39 you know to soaring on about it you know part of the reason why is in gauged with 28:42 him and started to work was because they really want to get from there with the 28:45 process of 28:46 defining features testing them 28:48 make improvement 28:49 improvements based on the 28:52 the findings and iterative to you wanted to be part of the entire life cycle of 28:55 development you wanted to see say here design and good luck 28:59 go away i dislike step away and never hear and that way you know what needs to 29:02 be improved from your work in order to make the business aspects of that 29:05 application works as a leader and a feeling i'm learning a ton about 29:08 everything except the sandwiches 29:10 and when it's interesting 29:12 by myself being in conversations with god 29:15 but i think it's challenging but it's an evolutionary step for you as a design 29:19 answers are about as design already now knowing and understanding how what you 29:22 do affects the idea and the business and the 29:25 traction of the business is really important it's and getting into the fray 29:29 of services so for those of you 29:33 dikes 29:35 for those of you who uh... wanna find out 29:37 more about the school 29:38 live that go to the school rocks dot com 29:40 also look at sup below you have the right side 29:42 uh... or face book 29:44 uh... it's facebook dot com slash to school rocks 29:47 uh... the school rocks and twitter 29:48 follow r_e_m_ twitter fault that ten on twitter 29:51 of me and twitter and keep in touch with us let us know what you need one of the 29:55 most important things 29:56 really really helps tried to show is your involvement and you asking for 30:01 things and even as feedback even it's likely that he pursued major teacher did 30:05 you suck begins at what everyone here was a feedback really appreciated action 30:09 this t_-shirt is found 30:11 somebody who gave it to be at scenes turn at tvc mister 30:15 that you said on top 30:20 so that i can mathematics teacher so where they have to be cool 30:23 uh... send ice t_ shirts will post a tomato markets will post address for you 30:28 disco rocks uh... or in the face books you know senator teachers in our money 30:32 show are and i think your parliament alarm all right sir thank you guys 30:35 everybody next week we'll see you again when you watch us work 30:44 more

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